Skyprivate: make money with adult shows on Skype

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Skyprivate launched in 2013 , and it's a Skype- based service very similar to all the other chat sites where you could earn by performing with shows.

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Skyprivate quick info:

  • Services : Skype shows, phone sex
  • Gender : female, male, transgender, couple
  • Percentage for model : 75-86%
  • Minimum payment : $ 40
  • Payment schedule : by request
  • Payment methods : Paxum, Bitcoin, ePayments, SEPA, Wire, ACH

What do you need to get started?

As I advise my articles in chaturbate and camsoda to start should be mostly adult, a great desire to perform in public, and in this specific case only you need a Skype profile.

The registration process is really easy , when you land on home through this link , just go to the footer and click on the word registration as a model.

Does Skyprivate accept all genders?

SkyPrivate accepts all genres ; women, men and transsexuals are able to earn money by acting on the site. All genres are also present in the SkyPrivate model directory. In addition to individual accounts, SkyPrivate also supports couples.

How much money can I earn as a model on SkyPrivate?

The basic payment percentage for the new SkyPrivate models is 75% . You can get this percentage up to 86%. Is that how it works:

75% to 80% : You can increase your percentage by submitting new clients and models to SkyPrivate . For every new qualified person who signs up through your link, you will receive a 0.1% pay increase, up to a score of 80%.

Payment Methods

When you want to receive a payment, simply request the payment from the dashboard and the payment will begin to process. Here is a list of supported collection methods, along with their minimum payment:

  • ACH: $ 100 ($ 5 cost)
  • Paxum: $ 40
  • Electronic payments: $ 40
  • Bitcoin: $ 50
  • SEPA: $ 100
  • SWIFT: $ 2,000 ($ 50 commission)

Selling shows on Skype through SkyPrivate

The main objective of SkyPrivate is the sale of shows on Skype . SkyPrivate makes it easy to reload Skype programs and also offers tools to reserve programs.

Using the SkyPrivate plugin, you can also verify that customers have funds in their accounts by eliminating shippers and time-wasters. This is how the Skype plugin works.

How the Skype plug-in works

The SkyPrivate plug-in integrates directly with Skype. It is the same interface as Skype with a couple of additional features. This is how the Skype plug-in works.

1) Sign up for SkyPrivate - Before using Skype, you must first sign up for SkyPrivate (as I said before, at the bottom of the page, click on the words sign up as a model)

2) Download the plug-in : once registered, you will have access to the control panel. From here you can download the plug-in.

3) Start the plug-in : With Skype running, start the installed plug-in. Now you can use Skype normally , but fully integrated with SkyPrivate.

While the plugin is running, anyone calling it requires a SkyPrivate account. The SkyPrivate plugin will not allow the call to connect unless the customer has funded funds in their account. This avoids freelaoders. Besides using SkyPrivate as a payment processor, there are many other great features listed below:

SkyPrivate Phone Sex App

SkyPrivate also offers a sex phone app . The application simplifies the recharge of telephone sexual services, keeping the free ones away. The application supports conversations and text messages.

Enter the SkyPrivate model directory

SkyPrivate also has a high traffic directory that it can be listed in. This gives you significant and greater exposure to existing SkyPrivate customers . Being on the directory listing is easy. Just fill in your public and personal information and upload an avatar and your photos. When you go online via Skype and the SkyPrivate plug-in, you will be seen online via directory.

Get started with SkyPrivate now!

Ready to start selling shows on Skype with SkyPrivate ? Sign up today ! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time! SkyPrivate is one of the leading Skype plugins and tools that makes it incredibly easy to book and accept payments for Skype programs. Plus, make money on phone sex with your new mobile app and get them in your high-traffic directory.

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Can I win with Skyprivate even if I am not verified?

Yes, you can, but the member will need to approve the manual charge on their account, for each call, until verified. And don't forget that you won't be able to make a withdrawal until it's verified!

Should I have a public profile on Skyprivate?

No, you can have shows and charge members without setting up a public profile. However, an account and plugin are required to track Skype interactions with members.

What are the most popular categories on Skyprivate?

SkyPrivate is not a niche website when it comes to what our members are looking for.
We invite you to create a profile faithful to what you like to offer. In this way they become relevant to those who are willing to pay more for their attention and time.

What is my Skyprivate ID?

When you sign up for Skyprivate, they have a tool that can tell you your Skype ID (if you enter the email you used when you signed up for Skype).

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