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Win like a Cam Girl. The 2020 guide

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If you are looking for ways to start your career as a Cam Girl, you are about to start reading the right article!

You will not have to make any initial investment, your only investment will be the time you will have to spend. REMEMBER: more time, more MONEY

There is no time to lose, LET'S START NOW!

What is a Cam Girl?

A Cam Girl or better known as a webcam model, is a girl who strips or dances in front of her adult webcam . The video is streamed on various adult websites, which I will list later, and people pay you to watch it. These people are usually subscribed to your channel and can even chat with you.

Equipment, tools and accessories to be a TOP WEBCAM MODEL

As in any business or job, to begin with, you must be clear about how to manage and build your business that will make you a TOP in this business. One of the questions that all the girls ask is: what are the necessary tools to get started?

💻 Laptop or desktop PC : the first thing is, of course, to have a computer. You probably have one at home, but are you sure it can handle the performance to make videos without crashing? My advice is that you should have at least one PC with 4GB of RAM. If you have it lower, make sure it doesn't jam during video streaming.

🎦 HD WEBCAM - For your videos and pictures, you need to make sure the quality is in HD or even better in 4K. Surely, if you have a state-of-the-art PC, it will have included it, but if you have an older PC, you should make sure that your webcam shows your viewers a high resolution video. Your viewer wants sharp, quality images.

⏯️ WEB CONNECTION : You must make sure you have a good internet connection, you cannot allow the video to hang while you have thousands of online viewers watching it. For them it would be a disappointment, check this before starting.

Your shooting room

Your room where you will record for your clients must be well organized and tasteful! Your viewers will follow you forever! Some little tips:

1- Make sure you choose a room where you will not be disturbed for any reason

2- I recommend a neutral background, your viewers should not be distracted. YOU must be his only thought

3-Your privacy is your first thought. Remove from the background all those things that could give information about you

Top 3 Webcam Girl Sites

When you start your business to become a Cam Girl, you must find authorized sites with high traffic. Remember: more traffic, more money ! Forget all the sites that have few visitors, you need authorized sites where millions of people from all over the world access every day.

I have prepared these 3 sites that are the best of 2019 and certainly also 2020. I suggest you register on all 3 sites and remember that you can broadcast simultaneously on all 3 sites;)




Why do I recommend these 3 sites?

✅ TRAFFIC TO THE SITE : as I said before, the more active users a site has, the more chances you have of winning. The more users see you, the more users will want to chat or have a private room with you.

✅ PAYMENT METHODS : Read all the policies and payment methods accepted by each website. In general, the main payment methods are Paxum, Paypal, bank transfer, ...

✅ FEATURES : Each website will have its own characteristics, offering you more over less. For this reason, I suggest you subscribe to the 3 websites that I have listed for you.

Sign up for Cam Girl websites

When you start signing up, almost all sites will ask you for some documents. Usually your personal document and a proof of residence document.

🔞🔞 18 YEARS 🔞🔞

If you are under 18, you will not be able to register on any Cam Girl site, as the Adult world is for adults only.

How to make your SHOW as professional as possible

If you are a beginner and do not know how to start, I recommend these 3 simple steps: Sexy dresses, toys and good lamps for perfect lighting.


What you wear will make a difference in this situation. Try to be as sexy as possible , have different types of sexy clothes for each situation. Viewers like to see sexy women in sexy clothes.


Surely not only sexy clothes will be enough to entertain your viewers, but you will also need sex toys to keep them as long as possible. The quality of these toys is also important, both for your health and for those who watch it. I recommend this site where to buy them. It is the TOP of the sector .

Click on the banner, or here , to see your sex toys.


Don't make the beginners mistake! My experience recommends that you have plenty of light in your room where you will be using the webcam. In low light, your viewers will not have the image quality they expect. Remember: very bright room, perfect room for the sexy webcam model

How much does a webcam model earn?

Well, if you've come this far, it means your new, highly profitable job is just right for you!

If you find someone on the internet who tells you the exact monthly amount you can earn as a webcam model , it is just a scam! It is not possible to give precise figures, because the amount you earn will depend on several factors. Let's see together what they are:

👉 If you already know how to do it or if you are new

👉 How many followers do you have

👉 If you follow step by step what I have told you so far

👉 What niche did you specialize in

👉 How many hours do you spend in front of your webcam

Well, after making these little considerations, let's take the Cam Chaturbate website into consideration. They are part of Chaturbate from 800 to 3000 Cam Girls, which are divided into girls, gays, trans and couples. You can understand that the competition is very high, but this site has a monthly traffic of 322 MILLION people. Let's see how much a webcam model can earn (the data entered cannot guarantee a win confirmation)

If you are on the FIRST PAGE, the money you could win varies from $ 110 to $ 260 EACH HOUR

If you are on the SECOND PAGE, the money you could earn is 50% less than the first page.

This data cannot represent a confirmation of earnings or promises! All up to you

There are thousands of Cam Girls who also earn $ 900 to $ 5000 daily from this job. But these sexy girls have a huge following that they have "built up" over time. In fact, not only do they do this, but they also use Onlyfans , the social networks where their followers pay them to view their photos and videos.




Read the article that explains step by step how to earn money with Onlyfans


⭐ MARKETING : I hope you have not thought that you will open your CAM and that all the men are waiting for you! You have to use all social networks (twitter, facebook, instagram, Onlyfans ), insert your semi-naked photos and take them to the chat rooms.

WILL NOT WRITE : you will have many people who will write to you in the chat, do not respond in writing but talk to them. They will be much happier 😎

⭐ OBJECTIVES : Chaturbate but also the other sites, give you the possibility to set goals that if your viewers reach they will receive a prize! Set your goals every day.

⭐ COME AND DESDATE : You must make your viewers want to look at you, don't be boring waiting for someone to enter your chat room. Be sensual, show little of your body and encourage them to enter.

⭐ YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE : this phase is very important. Imagine having 1000 followers on chaturbate and overnight the site no longer exists! What are you doing? It would be a shame! For this reason, you must have your own site, so that your followers have them on their site and not on other people's or companies' sites. I recommend this easy and intuitive platform to use without the help of an expert website technician.

Look at the other Cam Girls, you will learn a lot

Before you start, check out the other webcam models , as they may be on the covers of Cam Girl sites. Study them, follow all the points that I have listed and you will begin your ascent to success.

Will my privacy be guaranteed?

Of course yes! Your privacy will be guaranteed and no one will know your real name. Payments will not have the website name as a concept, so don't worry about that too. You can hide your chat room even for countries you don't want to see. YOU WILL BE ABSOLUTELY QUIET




You won't find any detailed guide like this, it took me more than 2 days to put it all together and ready for you! I do not ask you for money (many would charge a guide like this), I only ask that you share it wherever you prefer

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How can I earn money as a cam girl?

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What do you need to start working as a webcam model?

Self-confidence, accessories and a complete guide to start and win as a webcam model in 2020 in the guide that you can read on the blog

How can I increase the earnings of my cam girl?

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