how to register on camsoda and earn as a camgirl

How to register and work from home with Camsoda

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In this new article, which I write today, we are going to see together what camsoda is, how to register and start working on webcam from home as a model . If you haven't read it yet, in my article on how to become a camgirl , I will explain step by step the best way to be successful in this job. Inside you will also find the description of another very important platform that is chaturbate and bongacams .


Camsoda is a live cam site for adult shows, similar to chaturbate and bongacams, where different types of sex like female, male, transgender, couples are paid in tokens for every minute of connection with your client / virtual partner.

Registering as a model on camsoda is very simple and intuitive. Are you ready to work from home, without a boss, without schedules and interacting with people from all over the world? Well, this is the time to start. I will walk you through the enrollment step by step , after which, if you don't know how to start this job, I have written an article that will guide you step by step to become a successful camgirl ( read it here ).

Camsoda is the leading camgirl website where you can earn thousands of dollars every month working from home.

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1- As the first screen, after clicking on this link to start the registration, it will appear in this way.

On your left you will see what you can do once you have signed up with camsoda .

You can block countries that you do not want to be seen among the list of webcam models (for example, if you are from Medellín you can block all users from Colombia).

All your content is blocked by the DMCA (COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND PIRACY). One of the great things about camsoda is that, in addition to making money from your programs, you can sell your videos or photos at the price you want to your customers. Payments are weekly, higher than other sites.

You can apply for health insurance : the only camming site with benefits. Qualifying models (models registered with CamSoda for six months or more) receive a health insurance voucher.

Here are the details:

⭐️ Models that charge $ 3,500- $ 6,999 monthly and provide proof of health insurance will receive a monthly bonus of $ 125.

⭐️ Models that charge more than $ 7,000 monthly and provide proof of health insurance will receive a monthly bonus of $ 250

On your right, you will see the button REGISTER AS A MODEL , click and continue.

2- On the second screen, you will simply have to insert your username, your email address and a secure password.

3- In the third screen you must insert all your personal data: name, surname, gender ... etc.

As you can see, registering on this site is very simple and intuitive .

4- On the fourth screen, you must attach your documents. As shown in the photos, you must first insert the document (passport or driver's license). I always advise you to send it with excellent quality , to avoid reloading it later. Then you will have to attach your selfie, with the document in your hands.

5- On the last screen, you must insert your data such as address, address, etc. Information for taxes (if you don't know what to enter, individual is fine) and then the payment method you prefer.

You have completed the registration! Now you just have to start interacting with your new customers.

For tips on how to improve your performance and start earning right away , read my article: How to become a successful camgirl.


CamSoda offers artists a couple of different ways to earn money. Here are all the ways you can make money on CamSoda.

The main focus of CamSoda are the live webcam shows. CamSoda offers different types of shows that models can perform:

⭐️ Goal Self- healing tip: when you want to repeatedly hit smaller goals, for example: every goal I lose clothes or 5 times take out toys.

⭐️ Menu Tip : when you want everything on the table to have a different price, choose this application. You can even do this with an iconic goal to double the incentive! Make sure to be detailed and specific in all your menu items !

⭐️ Gold ticket : This is what you should do when you don't want to choose a target format and you don't want anyone to watch you without leaving a tip. You can set a ticket price that must be paid to watch the broadcast and you can even set a countdown so everyone has time to buy their tickets!

⭐️ Goal Suggestion : When you have a simple goal for your show, that's what you want.


Once you have registered and have started to earn thousands of euros per month , many of your friends or simply advertising on your social networks, will ask you to subscribe.

So, do it now: sign up for the affiliate program here , and once you've started, promote yourself too! This is another bonus win

Once you have registered, you can also post my article on how to register and interact with the best webcam models. You will advertise and attract more customers.

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Camsoda is a webcam site with thousands of girls, boys, gay, transgender or couples who interact with users interested in the show offered by webcam models.


The earnings always depend on the passion you put into your work. Models are paid $ 0.05 per token. Each cam model chooses how much to charge. The default setting for private chats is 30 tokens per minute ($ 1.50 / min) and the default setting for shows is 12 tokens per minute per person ($ .60 / min per person).


Today, camsoda receives around 16 million users every month. It is part of the TOP 5 of the best live chat sites with webcam models

How can I become a model that can receive tokens on Camsoda?

Getting paid as a Cam girl model on Camsoda is easy. You need to register on the portal. Follow these 4 simple steps or read our guide in detail.
1-Register in CamSoda , make sure to choose a name that is similar or equal to your social networks
2-Fill in the form with your personal data
3-Upload a digital version of your ID
4-Verify your account

Is there a score for each cam girl?

Models have three votes.
1-General evaluation
2-Private evaluation
3-Evaluation of the golden ticket
Ratings affect user rooms and the placement of models on the page. The higher the score, the better.

Can I sell my photos on Camsoda?

You have the option of uploading photo albums and putting them up for sale on your page. The price is up to you. All uploaded content must first be reviewed by the Camsoda team.

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  1. Hello, I have a page with a studio but I don't want to work there anymore, I want to work independently
    Can I create another page?

  2. Hello, since Wednesday of the week my study uploaded the documents for me to work with camsoda but they have not given an answer as to whether I am already authorized to work.
    I am Colombian, they usually take how long at most?

    1. Author

      Hello, I'm studying! Documents in camsoda take a few days to be approved. If you need help write to me. Hello

  3. Hello, I would like to work in camsoda with my partner but we tried to create an account and we have not been able to achieve it, could someone help me?

  4. Good day,
    How to open an account in pairs and in camsoda one can open it independently or it must be associated with a study.
    Thanks for your answer.

    1. Author

      hello, if you want to work as a couple you can open a normal account.

  5. Hello, several of my girls want to work with this page, how can I contact you for more advice.

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