how to make money with chaturbate the complete guide

How to register and earn money as a model on Chaturbate

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Chaturbate is one of the most popular webcam model sites in Spain and in the world , which with its 342 million monthly visitors (source: ) has the primacy of the most frequented webcam chat pages.

What Makes Chaturbate Better?

Chaturbate was born in 2011 and the fundamental intuition for its success was the introduction of the tip, that is, the tip with which a viewer decides to reward whoever is on camera at their own discretion. The money used is a virtual currency called a token that can be purchased on the site. So when a performance is appreciated, there are those who pay tokens to encourage them to continue.

Simply enter a random chat among those located higher on the home page (they are indexed in descending order based on the number of users connected to them) to realize the tip round that is created within. For example, a few days ago on princess_yasmine's chat we saw 'donate' over 15,000 tokens ($ 150) in just 10 minutes , only to witness the jolts her beautiful naked body writhed with every tip received.

Where Chaturbat is very famous

Chaturbat is also very famous in Brazil , in fact many Chaturbate camgirls come from Brazil. In addition to Cam girl br, webcam models from Colombia and Venezuela are in great demand.

How to be a cam girl I explain in my article that you can read here , and if you want to know my opinion, the best cam girl sites are Chaturbate and Camsoda . Read my guide on how to become a Camsoda girl here.

How much can you earn with Chaturbate?

Of course, what you earn depends on the amount of time you spend and how passionately do this job. I wrote an article on how to become a TOP camgirl, read it here.

On Chaturbate, the earnings of a Cam Girl are on average $ 200-300 per day for an 8h program with an 1h break

The earnings for the Cam Boy on Chaturbate, and not only, is generally 50% - 60% that of a Cam Girl .

Can your customers subscribe to your Chaturbate webcam?

Users can log into your webcam account, as if it were a real subscription that they pay monthly. This will let them know when you are online and they will be notified by email or message. Each of your subscribers will give you greater visibility within the site, to attract new people interested in your performance!

How to register to work on chaturbate?

The registration is simple and intuitive and you just have to follow step by step our tutorial that I will now present to you.


Complete the form with the required information: username, password, email address, date of birth and gender. Choose your user name very carefully because it will be with the people you seek and you will see in your programs. Choose it if possible in English, to attract people from all over the world, and make it sexy and personable. Once you've completed the form, click create!


Click on broadcast to access the area from where you will broadcast your shows.

You will see a screen with some guidelines, I recommend that you read them and then respect the rules. Press the continue button


Your webcam will surely be configured and functional by now, but if you still have to install it, I recommend reading the manufacturer's guide or watching some YouTube tutorials to configure your webcam model.

You will first be asked for the permissions to access your webcam. Click on the green button that allows you to access your webcam . The Internet browser can also request permissions. I recommend testing multiple times how users will see your image, so focus on resolution !


Chaturbate , being an adult site, must verify the identity of each model who must be over 18 years old . Click on the section to verify age. You have one below the video chat window and another in the bar on the right of the screen. You will see the screen like the photo below, click on the first option highlighted in green.

Now you have to enter your real full name, your email address and your real date of birth.

On the next screen, you will see the contract that you must sign at the bottom of the page with your real full name, then you have to send the document by pressing the button.

Now go back to the previous screen and click on the second option highlighted in green. Here you must attach the photos of your document and a photo of your face with the document in hand . I advise you to take sharp and quality photos, to avoid repeating this step.

Your registration to start working as a model on chaturbate has been completed . If you want more information on the best way to do this job and be a perfect webcam model, read my article on how to become a camgirl.

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How much does a chaturbate model earn in an hour?

In a 2-4 hour session, a typical model can make around $ 50 without too much trouble, it all depends on how well you're doing and your skills in front of the camera.

What are the payment methods available on chaturbate?

CHATURBATE pays every 2 weeks and through traditional payment methods, by bank transfer, by check and with Paxum, CosmoPay or any other electronic wallet.

How much traffic does chaturbate get?

Chaturbate is one of the first live chat websites with the highest number of users present and interacting, spending money with webcam models. 342 million people access the chat every month!

Want an extra layer of security for your Chaturbate account?

Enable 2-Step Verification to request that a verification code be sent to your personal device when you log into your account. Helps protect you from phishing scams and hackers.

How to get a high-quality show right away?

You will definitely want to take your Chaturbate experience to the next level when you see how easy it is to control the quality of your video and audio. Watch this video chaturbate to better understand how to do it.

How to receive daily payments?

Members can receive daily payments seven days a week through Payoneer and Paxum. Please note that this feature is only valid for daily payments managed by Payoneer and Paxum. Daily checks, wire transfers, and direct deposits are sent Monday through Friday only.

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