How much have I made with Chaturbate in 2019?

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Today, January 29, 2020, Mtihorizon is interviewing a Colombian model an unprecedented webcam!

Miranda explains how she sells her hot content on Chaturbat

This is the true testimony of Miranda:

«“ Hi, I'm Miranda and I'm 24 years old , I live in Colombia and I've been working as a cam girl for 3 years, since 2017. The first months were the most difficult, everything was new for me, even just using a computer! But slowly I began to get acquainted with both chat sites and my body.

I have learned a lot by also watching how other girls worked on webcam. I am now registered on 2 chat websites: Chaturbate and Camsoda ! The best in my opinion! Here , in Mtihorizon, you can find guides to register and some tricks that are very interesting.

After the first 4 months , between frustration and the desire to give up, my first € 900 of the month arrived ! She was the happiest girl in the world! I say this because you don't have to get discouraged, you don't have to give up, the Internet is like that! It can be fast, but it can also be slow, so strength and determination will lead to excellent gains and results.

You must understand what are the best times to be online, find new users interested in your programs in chat, and understand how to move around and interact with them. At the beginning I was only 1 hour a day in front of the computer, it was very little! What I recommend is spending as much time as possible at the beginning , both to understand how Chaturbate works and to understand how to do your best!

Now I earn a lot. I earn between 400 and 1800 tokens daily and have met many interesting people! In fact, with some of them, I have already planned to meet live in April 2020! I'm very happy!

This is my summary to encourage you and never give up! The beginning will be difficult, but then the results will come!

With your clients you have to show that you are an attractive girl , willing to fulfill their sexual and non-sexual desires and always give high quality shows. Don't worry if you will be alone at the shows, with your friend or boyfriend or if you will use sex toys! In fact, if you don't know what sex toys to use, I suggest you buy Lovesense sex toys! Quality and safety for your body always first! I leave you a link to buy them at a reduced price . Click here

You will have to make your viewers return to your room, you will have to keep the conversation as intimate as possible! I am sure you will be very good at this, so you will keep your viewers coming back until a true friendship begins!

After all these tips, which I hope have been useful, I tell you the last thing: in 2019 alone , my annual income has reached $ 80,000 and I hope to increase my earnings even more in this 2020! Trust me, it will change your life! "

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Are all the videos live?

All video chats have live video. With live chats, you can talk and interact with your fan. You can also interact through chat.

What if I don't want to do something my fan asks me to do?

Here's what chat is for! Artists are not required to do what their fan asks of them, but most are willing and happy to put on a show for him. You will be a real person broadcasting from your home and you will have different likes and dislikes towards your fans! Do not worry about it

Can I propose a private show?

Yes, you can have private shows. Your fan can start private shows by clicking "Start Private Show" under the window of the camera where you are broadcasting from.

Can I also use Skype on Chaturbate?

Unfortunately, Skype is not allowed on Chaturbate.

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