$320,000 ‘Stolen from London’ Bentley Mulsanne found in Pakistan using car tracker, recovered (Photos)


A $320,000 luxury Bentley Muslane that was ‘stolen in London’ has been found 5,000 miles away in Pakistan using a car tracker.

The robbery was only discovered by Pakistani authorities after receiving a tip-off from the British intelligence agency.

After officers raided the house, they discovered the Bentley Mulsanne now bore a Pakistani license plate.

Authorities in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, have recovered an ultra-luxury Bentley Muslane sedan, worth $320,000, believed to have been stolen in London and then shipped 5,000 miles into the country.

The Collectorate of Customs Enforcement (CCE) has confirmed that the British intelligence agency informed Pakistani authorities that the stolen vehicle was parked at a house in the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) area of ​​Karachi.

The robbery was only discovered by the Collectorate of Customs Enforcement (CCE) after receiving a tip-off from the British intelligence agency, Pakistani authorities said.

“Credible information has been received from a national agency of a friendly country that a gray Bentley Mulsanne, V8 automatic, VIN number SCBBA63Y7FC001375, engine number CKB304693 was stolen in London and their intelligence agency indicated that said vehicle is supposed to be parked at 3 p.m. -B, South 10th Street, DHA, Karachi,” the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Customs Collectorate said in a statement.

$320,000 Bentley Mulsanne 'stolen in London' found in Pakistan using car tracker, recovered

According to reports, British intelligence helped locate the Bentley Mulsanne sedan after using an advanced tracking system to track its position with its built-in tracking system.

After officers raided the house housing the Bentley, they discovered the British-made saloon now bore a Pakistani number plate and a handmade white number plate on the front.

When the Bentley was finally recovered, after verifying that the luxury sedan’s VIN and chassis number matched those of the stolen car, the team was forced to push the expensive car to a recovery vehicle after failed to find his keys.

“Due to the unavailability of the key to said vehicle, arrangements have been made to have the vehicle brought up by car carrier. The recovered vehicle was loaded onto a car transporter to take it to ASO HQ-NMB Wharf for further legal formalities,” the council said.

According to GEO TV, the new owner of the Bentley revealed to investigators that the vehicle had been sold to him by another person. Two people, including the seller, were arrested.


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