5 technological advancements that changed cars forever

Nowadays, technology is all around us and plays a major role in modern life. In particular, cars have changed tremendously in recent times and to such an extent that it’s hard to imagine how motorists used to get by without so much advanced technology at their fingertips. So what have been some of the biggest technological changes in cars in recent years.

1. Keyless opening

The idea of ​​having to put your key in the lock and physically unlock the door seems prehistoric these days, but keyless opening is relatively new technology in the grand scheme of things. People don’t think twice about keyless entry and this is an example of how sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

2. Parking sensors

Parking is often the part of driving that causes people the most stress and difficulty. It was much more difficult not so long ago, as the introduction of parking sensors allows people to know when they are approaching an object without having to crane their necks and use their mirrors. It has made parking much easier and safer for everyone, and a technology that people shouldn’t take for granted.

3. Automation

Autonomous driving has grown steadily over the years, but great strides have been made in recent years. Autonomy L3 arrived in 2021 and it’s a big step towards fully autonomous driving, which was considered something totally futuristic and advanced not so long ago. In addition, advanced cars like the new Corsa has all kinds of practical features, such as speed limit detection and automatic city emergency braking for safer driving.

4. Integrated navigation

Many people will remember the stress and difficulty of using a huge fold-out map to find their way when visiting a new place. Fortunately, technology has improved navigation with Sat-Nav and built-in navigation that can easily steer you without taking your eyes off the wheel. It has transformed driving over the past few years and has made it easy for people to find the most efficient way to get to their destination.

5. Entertainment

Entertainment technology has also made giant strides. Previously, cassettes and even 8 tracks were the best entertainment you could get, but modern cars have connectivity that can transform the experience and make it much more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. This includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which makes it easy to stream anything, as well as controls that can make the environment in the car more comfortable.

These are just a few examples of how technology has transformed driving in recent times. It’s hard to remember what the automobile looked like over 15 years ago and it would seem prehistoric to any young motorist today who has benefited from so much advanced technology.

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