5 things to know for November 2: Parkland, RSV, Ukraine, Inflation, SpaceX



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Family members of victims killed in the 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida will address the gunman face to face in court for a second day today. In an emotional hearing that began on Tuesday, several family members took to the stand to deliver their statements directly to Nikolas Cruz, the 24-year-old gunman who avoided the death penalty last month. Among several chilling remarks, the younger brother of one of the 17 victims shared that he walks past his sister’s room every day and sees it is empty. The mother of another victim said she “listened to the screams and screams” of families after the shooting. Cruz will be officially sentenced this week following a jury’s recommendation that he should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Pfizer says it will seek FDA approval this year for a respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, vaccine. The virus usually causes mild cold-like symptoms, but it can cause serious illness, especially in the elderly and infants. Pfizer’s vaccine candidate is given to pregnant women who then make antibodies that can protect the baby after birth. In the trial, the vaccine was found to be approximately 80% effective in preventing severe RSV disease in infants during the first three months of life. If approved, Pfizer’s vaccine will be the first against RSV and the first new product linked to the infection in more than two decades. Worldwide, RSV causes approximately 33 million infections in children under 5 and hospitalizes 3.6 million per year.

‘It’s awful’: Doctor explains RSV symptoms as cases rise

Ukraine’s air force has said it has no effective defense against the types of ballistic missiles Iran is about to send to Russia for use in its war in Ukraine. Western officials say Iran is trying to send around 1,000 more weapons, including short-range ballistic missiles and more attack drones, which could give the Kremlin a substantial boost on the spot. of battle. This expected expedition would mark a significant increase in Iranian support for Russia’s war effort. In recent weeks, Iranian drones have been used to target critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine. Although the precise timing of the new shipment’s arrival in Russia is unclear, officials believe the weapons will be delivered before the end of the year.

clarissa ward Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

This is what a missile strike looks like: Clarissa Ward reports from Ukraine

The Federal Reserve is set to make history again today, approving a fourth consecutive three-quarters percentage point interest rate hike. It comes after Democratic lawmakers sent a letter this week to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell expressing concerns about the central bank’s plan to raise rates at an “alarming rate”. Noting the Fed’s new unemployment forecast, the letter urged Powell to deal with the millions in job losses that could result from his war on inflation. Democrats, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Katie Porter, pointed to comments from economists who fear the Fed is acting too aggressively. They pointed to a recent UN warning of a central bank-fueled global recession. It comes as the Fed is raising interest rates at the fastest rate since the early 1980s – weighing on the stock market, pushing up mortgage rates and fueling recession fears. Powell said last month that no one knew whether the rate hikes would cause a recession, or how deep it would be.

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 20: Newly redesigned $100 bills stacked at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing on May 20, 2013 in Washington, DC.  The hundred-dollar bills will be released this fall and feature new security features, such as a duplicate portrait of Benjamin Franklin and added micro-printing to make the bill more difficult to counterfeit.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Hold on to the assets you have: Larry Summers offers advice as recession looms

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful rocket, returned to the skies on Tuesday for the first time since 2019. The massive rocket is carrying satellites into space for the US military on a secret mission named USSF-44. There isn’t much information available about the mission, but the U.S. military says the launch will put multiple satellites into orbit on behalf of a program that focuses on the rapid development of space technology in this which is concerned with tracking objects in space, as well as a range of other activities. Although the Falcon Heavy is currently the most powerful operational rocket in the world, there are two rockets waiting in the wings to claim that title – including NASA’s SLS rocket, which is currently scheduled to attempt to send the Artemis 1 uncrewed mission around the moon later. this month.

A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launches on its mission with a classified payload for the U.S. Space Force in Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S. November 1, 2022. REUTERS/Steve Nesius

Watch: SpaceX completes first Falcon Heavy mission in three years

This dashcam video has the cops cracking up

A man’s unusual behavior during a traffic stop has officers comparing him to Forrest Gump. Watch the video here.

Five lions have managed to escape from their enclosure at a Sydney Zoo

Some guests rushed to safety earlier today after a lion’s breach triggered a full lockdown. Here’s what we know.

Taylor Swift announces new tour

Swifties, assemble! The artist, who currently sits comfortably atop the music charts, has announced a new tour.

Elon Musk’s Twitter plan comes under fire

Many people weren’t happy with Musk’s plan to charge Twitter users $19.99 a month to get or keep a verified account. So he has a counter offer: maybe $8?

Tom Brady talks about his divorce from Gisele Bündchen

The seven-time Super Bowl champion said he was focused on family and football amid a “very friendly situation.”

To take off, who was one-third of the platinum-selling rap group Migos, was fatally shot in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, a source close to the group confirmed to CNN. He was 28 years old. The shooting took place outside a bowling alley after an argument between several people, police said. Takeoff’s death was a blow to the hip-hop community, which is still recovering from the fatal shooting of rapper PnB Rock in September.


That’s the number of ballistic missiles North Korea fired today, including one that landed near South Korean territorial waters for the first time since 1945, South Korean officials said. One of the missiles landed in international waters 104 miles northwest of the South Korean island of Ulleungdo, triggering an air raid warning. The launch was North Korea’s 29th this year, according to a CNN tally, and comes as Kim Jong Un aggressively ramps up his weapons testing program.

Kim Jong Un Todd Wardrobe pkg vpx

Kim Jong Un escalates aggression with wave of missile tests

“Not one of us in this room and not one of us across the country can be a spectator. We must all stand up and defend this republic.

– Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, entering the campaign trail Tuesday to support Representative Elissa Slotkin, a Democrat from Michigan. Cheney’s endorsement for Slotkin is a world away from the Republican politics that have been his family’s lifeblood. His father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, served as White House chief of staff under former President Gerald Ford – a proud son of Michigan. Cheney saw her national profile rise after becoming a high profile critic of former President Donald Trump and faced intense backlash from the Republican Party. As vice chairman of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, Cheney pledged to do everything possible to prevent Trump from getting another term in office. White House.

Lisa 2y

Rain and snow for Pacific Northwest as Lisa continues to strengthen


– Source: CNN

Check your local forecast here>>>

It’s Dia de los Muertos

Today, many families celebrate the Mexican holiday known as Day of the Dead with colorful traditions to honor their deceased loved ones. In Guatemala, some people even spent months building giant kites for the special occasion. (Click here to see)


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