OnlyFans: how to make money with your adult content

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If you use social media frequently, you will see the term “ OnlyFans ” in bio or timelines on some accounts. At its core, OnlyFans is a social platform where people can sell their photos, videos, and live streams at will through monthly subscriptions. The type of content varies in all market niches, fitness, courses, etc., although we must emphasize that it found its dimension in the adult niche. We find out how you can earn through this application.

If you are a bodybuilder, a sports lover and want to earn money, Onlyfans is for you. Read this detailed guide from Onlyfan Fitness here

What is OnlyFan?

What is OnlyFan? OnlyFans is a social network platform that offers the opportunity to women and men or couples, gays, etc. (of legal age) to sell subscriptions in the channel they have created. Do you know the social network Twitter? Well, it is more or less the same only that instead of free sharing your photos or videos etc. With OnlyFans you have the opportunity to win for each person who wants to access your profile and see everything without censorship.

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How can I earn with OnlyFans?

With Onlyfan it is very easy to earn money, first you will have to register on this link . Registering is very intuitive and easy, as you will have seen in the video, once your profile is created, you will have to upload photos, videos to make it popular. Once this is done, you will have the opportunity to choose how much you want to sell the monthly subscriptions to your followers, yes, you have understood correctly, your followers will have to pay a monthly subscription to see your content, and it will be you who decides the cost of such subscription .

OnlyFans , at the time of writing this article, each time you are going to sell a subscription will return 80% of the value of it, while 20% will go to the platform, which needs it to maintain the operating expenses of the company.

⏬ How to sell hot content on Onlyfans ⏬

Let's see the steps to sign up for Onlyfans

1 . Access the Onlyfans platform by clicking here , it will open the home page where you can choose the best way to register.

2. You can decide whether you want to subscribe by email or use your Twitter account. Simply click on " log in via Twitter " and authorize the application to take your data with which you registered on social Twitter .

3. As soon as you have entered your data, email and name (provided you have not decided to register via Twitter) click on the registration button .

4. After clicking the sign up button, your Onlyfans account will be created. However, you will need to fill in certain information , such as the username you prefer, the monthly pass you want your followers to pay, embed a website if you have one ( read the article that tells you how to create your own website ) and other information … After completing this step, you can click on the " Save Change " button.

5. Your Onlyfans account has been created . Now you can start using it. First though, read on to explain how to perfect your account .

You will receive an email from Onlyfans to activate your account. Click and activate it.

6. Once you confirm your email, you will be directed to your control panel. Click on " my setting ", located at the top right of your page and once inside this section, link your Twitter account . If you don't have a Twitter account yet, I suggest you create one because you could get a lot of Twitter followers on your Onlyfans account and greatly increase your earnings.

7. As I said at the beginning of this article, Onlyfans is a social network for sharing photos and videos where all the people who want to see something of you pay you monthly . As in everything, there are some tricks to facilitate interaction with your followers and encourage them to follow you. One trick is messaging . Write to your fans, interact with them and chat in real time with them.

Remember to add a payment method . If you are a content creator and want to sell your photos and videos, you must add a bank account or another payment method of your choice. Go to " my setting " and click on the " add bank " button.

OnlyFans , unlike other competitors, has a direct payment system, that is, it does not use third-party systems.

How much money can I earn with OnlyFans?

This always depends on how much effort you put into growing your account, and the rate at which you want to sell your subscriptions, because as said before, you will decide the price of the subscription.

There is also another way to earn in addition to your channel, you have the opportunity to get friends, friends, or anyone you want, to register in the application . For each person you invite, OnlyFans will recognize 5% of their income.

A few months ago a nineteen year old Irish girl, Julia Holbanel, revealed that she had made $ 1,294.40 in just 2 days since creating her account.


How can I promote my OnlyFans account?

Precisely because OnlyFan does not promote your channel but you will have to be the one to promote and bring in more possible people in your account, what I can advise you is:

✅ Open an account on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest taking care to insert in the biography of each account all the indications that lead to your OnlyFans page. I see a lot of people who open accounts and just post their links in the different posts and forget to put them in their bio. Fill it in the best possible way without leaving any empty fields.

✅ Add the right keywords to your OnlyFans account, so that if someone does a search, they can easily find you.

✅ Remember to be consistent and constant in the publication, whoever pays the subscription expects continuity in the content, otherwise you will fail because they will abandon you.

✅ Make sure your photos and videos are of quality, in HD or high resolution , remember that the public that follows you wants quality, since it is a pay channel.

Onlyfans VS Snapchat

Lots of girls and boys who work on cam are moving from Snapchat to sign up for Onlyfans as Onlyfans has a lot more Snapchat features for the adult world .

This is because girls and guys who want to make a lot more money from their sexy nude photos or videos .

On Onlyfans and Stripchat you can also earn money selling feet photos.

As I mentioned earlier, it is suggested that the person sign up for their profile to view nude photos and videos.

We can confirm that this is one of the first passive income methods that every cam girl is using right now to earn money.


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In no time, all users who are registered on Snapchat will be leaving to sign up for Onlyfans and earn a lot more money than before.

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To start earning with your photos and videos with Onlyfans you have to verify your account by entering the payment method, otherwise your content will not be seen by your future followers!

Before entering your photos, complete everything Onlyfans needs to know about you!

Remember to enter a description and the keyword that will help users to find you more easily!

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Last conclusions

I am still using this amazing application and it is giving me a lot of satisfaction, if you are a couple, or you are a girl, a man, gay or whatever and you are posting your photos on social media for free this is a great application to start to win with your content.

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Is Onlyfans safe?

Onlyfans pays a lot of attention to the safety of its users, since the control can last 1 or 2 days. Onlyfans has a 100% secure payment method. They have an external provider that handles the payment, which means that users can never see their card details because their payment details are not stored in OnlyFans

What is Onlyfan used for?

Onlyfans is a social media similar to Twitter and instagram based in London. After registration, you will manage a subscription content service, to build relationships and provide exclusive content to your subscribers or "fans."

Can OnlyFans see who paid?

Who can see my content on OnlyFans? Paid subscribers are the only people who can see your content. The media on your profile is impossible to see until you get paid.

Is there an OnlyFans app?

Absolutely, you can download Onlyfans app for both Android and iOS

How much can I earn at Onlyfans?

You could earn between $ 1,499 and $ 7,495 per month * * Based on an estimate of between 1% and 5% of your followers who subscribe.

How can I start an OnlyFans account?

These are the top 5 tips, but if you want to read more tips or get more information, read the Onlyfans section of our blog.
1-Create an account
2-Complete the registration by entering your data, payment method, ..
3-Promote your Onlyfans profile on various social and blogs
4-Plan and create photos and videos for your profile
5-Make your fans and followers pay the monthly fee

How can I delete my Onlyfans profile?

Please note that you cannot receive refunds for canceled subscriptions. The contact email is [email protected] and request that your account be canceled.

Can I use PayPal for OnlyFans?

Your payment card must be compatible with the 3D Secure authentication method, as you will need to confirm the purchase with an additional temporary verification code or an SMS code.

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