sell your underwear on the internet and earn money

Sell ​​your used panties, fetishism can be your new additional monthly income

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You may have already heard of the sale of used panties ; Selling used underwear is a fast-growing industry that can earn you money without too much effort , and maybe even in a nice way. The business of used panties has more users every day.

We all know that the Internet has hidden "places" and perhaps we got to discover them thanks to articles like this that open your mind and make you discover new ways to earn money from home. Fetishism is one of these and is highly searched on the Google bar: you can find any object (from men's and women's underpants, socks, shoes, and even sex toys)

Fetishism can still be considered a taboo, but I guarantee you that the people who sell this type of objects are millions in the world and also millions are the people who look for these objects.

You will wonder which are the pages where to sell, and where to buy used panties, socks, tights, etc. and how to register: keep reading , below I will list the most used websites for the sale of used underwear and how to sell from home and make money easily.

The first, the most famous and also the best known in Spain is . The portal is made up of a community that exchanges used underwear at a price ranging between $ 20 and $ 80 . The majority of sales are made by women, while men are almost always interested in buying women's underwear, but the market is growing. Many men are selling their used boxer shorts to male and not female buyers 😉

The second, no less famous than the first, is . It is a classy, ​​reliable and very safe platform for the used fetish pantyhose community. His comments are very positive , he has thousands of registered users and here you can also find any fetish object (from socks to bras, from underwear to any sexy article). It has exceptional support, which will help you with all your problems or questions.

The third, and last, is . The main countries of sale and purchase are Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Italy and Spain, but it is possible to sell and buy all over the world. Anonymity , both for those who sell and for those who buy, is guaranteed and, of course, no one will know who the fetish objects were.

Subscribe to the 3 sites that I have described for you, they are the best on the web in the worldwide sale of used underwear.

Now let's see what you have to do to increase the sale of your panties.

As I explained to you in my article to become a successful camgirl (or webcam model), it is not enough to just register and put a couple of photos of your panties or stockings, but you also need some marketing, that is, attract new clients interested in buying your underwear .

✅ Promote through your Twitter channel, through camgirl sites ( chaturbate , bongacams , rivcash ) on your private site ( read here to understand how to create one ) on Facebook, at Onlyfans

✅ Open a channel on reddit, one of the first social networks in the United States, open this page and post your photos here with the link to your store. Reddit is a social network with millions of active users who look at pornographic pages every day , or refer to pornography, and are very active.

✅ From your Instagram account, open a new page and start posting your best photos with the appropriate #hastags (#usedpanties, #bragasusadas) and write the link to the store in your bio



As you may have understood by now, fetishism or buying used panties is not only an economic matter, that is, giving or receiving money for your used underwear, but it is also another way of experiencing the idea of ​​sex. The sale of these intimate objects is totally private , that is, all the photos that you will publish or that you will see have their faces covered, only your ass will be in "free vision", where there will be the panties, or the tits for the bra or the legs for stockings. ….

For this reason, a new sexual idea is created between the buyer and the seller about how that person could be, how they could dress, what their smell would be ... you will feel the emotion of satisfying your client.


In my article on how to become a camgirl, I will explain what tricks you can use to become a successful camgirl. Here, even at live shows , you will be able to create a mini online store where you will encourage the thousands of people who will see it to visit your store and then buy your items (“hey darling, I sell my used panties, the ones I'm wetting while I talk to you ”😛).


Men and women have different smells and sensations and there are thousands of people who are interested in discovering something else ... Do not think that these people have mental illness or are crazy, they are generally also people who have a solid personal economy, they just want to smell like others ...


Your used panties or any other intimate item you want to sell will be worth between $ 20 and $ 100 . The price, as I explained above, will depend on how good you are at attracting and seducing your future client.

Register now at , it has a lot of traffic and therefore you will have more opportunities to earn a lot of money .

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