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Some Dos and Don’ts

Twice in recent columns in Spalding Guardian Ward’s World, I have recounted my experiences receiving fraudulent phone calls.

Since their publication, I have been contacted by readers who have had similar experiences with people trying to get their bank details under the pretext that their broadband connection would be cut “within 24 hours” unless they pay. expenses.

In fairness, the caller may seem plausible, but then they are employed for this reason, as the possible rewards can be high.

The first action is to ask the caller who they want to talk to first – don’t give your name under any circumstances as they should know because you are one of their “customers”.

If they can’t provide a name, hang up because this is a scam attempt.

If the caller is genuine, they will ask to speak to a named person or at least know their name, but then ask for your customer reference number.

Then contact your broadband provider to inform them of the call as there is no point in informing the police as no crime has been committed so far, but it could be a crime if you provide your details and you wonder why your bank account was eventually empty.

If in doubt, hang up, as I am doing now.

John ward

Moulton Seas End

John Elson’s Spalding Guardian cartoon. (49398636)

We need more bike space

I am writing in favor of the sustainable transport proposals in Spalding, as a worrying trend seems to be pushing back these ideas. Spalding, like everywhere else, needs to make the infrastructure sustainable and it is disappointing to learn that the car-free zoning in Spalding has been pushed back. Let’s be progressive. Road users are pedestrians, cyclists and then motor vehicles, in that order.

If you drive a car, you are driving a privilege and not just an economic privilege – now the privilege of using carbon.

Even if you aren’t interested in the economic or environmental benefits, the health benefits of cycling and walking might not be more evident than in the past 18 months.

We need to make arrangements for those who need to drive, just as we need to make arrangements for the 25% of the population who cannot afford a car.

50% of car trips are less than three kilometers, 30 minutes on foot / 10 minutes by bike. How long do you sometimes need to park in Spalding? If only there were more bike space outside the stores, South Holland District Council.

Phil edgley

by email

THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: A higher power

It was the first opportunity to see our family in Manchester after the easing of Covid restrictions. So… I put the GPS on and off we went. It seemed like everyone was doing the same. The A1 was very busy.

Somewhere around Doncaster, an “Accident coming soon” message appeared and an alternative route was suggested.

So I followed the GPS suggestion and the path to our son’s house was recalculated. Later another ‘Faster route identified’ message appeared, ‘Accept / Decline’. I accepted and took another exit at the roundabout than the one previously indicated.

I had no idea where we were or where we were going. And so on – alternative routes have been suggested at least four times, always with the option to accept or decline.

As I drove along these unfamiliar roads making these changes, I was grateful that someone (something?) Somewhere could see the big picture – much more than I could physically see or see. was shown on my GPS screen.

It could see the whole trip from start to finish.

Just like life, I thought, and gave thanks to God.

He knows my life from start to finish and promises to lead me to the end, often on paths which, although unknown to me, are all to his knowledge.

Forty years ago God gave Christine and I a verse from the scriptures: “If you step right or left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘No, this is the way, walk- y. )

And that’s what turned out to be and although there were unexpected twists and turns and rough times, He led and guided us through them.

As with satnav we have always had the option to accept or decline and as on our trip to Manchester we have always found it best to accept to have confidence that we will reach our destination since our lives are in the hands of God. And, yes, we arrived and had a great weekend with our family.

Keith rowbottom

Supernumerary Minister, South Holland Methodist Circuit

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