Aerial beacons are now able to track individuals


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Air beacons are tracking devices and a great way to track your property, but there have been more cases of people using air beacons for more than tracking things.

They are small and can be put almost anywhere.

Jennifer Perkins spoke to our “sister” station in Louisiana and said that she has already been tracked by an Apple Air tag.

“When I got home, I got a notification on my phone, and it showed everywhere I went that night,” Perkins said. “And it has like a red dot of where they checked your location. It indicates that your current location can be seen by the owner of that item.”

WREG has recruited one of our own employees, Lisa, to show you how it works. Before going to lunch, she agreed to let us follow her using an air tag in her purse.

As Lisa headed to lunch, WREG could see her location from the air tag on a desktop computer through the “Find My Device” app. A few minutes later, the location changed as Lisa started driving. When we called her to verify her location, she confirmed that she was at the location indicated by the airline tag.

Because the Air Tag is not a GPS system, WREG found it to be slightly delayed but still able to locate Lisa’s neighborhood within a certain distance.

Robert Young knows how to stalk people. He is a former narcotics detective and now owns Covert Results Private Investigations in Nashville.

“There are obviously laws in place now that protect people from being tracked or when GPS devices are illegally placed on vehicles,” Young said.

His company tested Air Tag and said it was great for locating lost items and even had a feature for the owner to turn it off.

“There could be a whole host of reasons why this thing is useful,” Young said, “but based on my experience in law enforcement and what I’m doing now, I can’t tell. prevent thinking that most people buy these things thinking they may have to follow someone, so that’s really a concern.

This can be a real problem in family situations where victims may be trying to walk away from an abuser. The executive director of the Family Safety Center said tools like trackers can be flipped over and cause additional danger.

Tracking technology makes it much easier for a stalker,” said Ethele Hilliard. “You may need to have your car checked. You may need to have things like this scanned from time to time to see if you are being tracked.

This is why the Family Safety Center urges clients to be aware of their surroundings and to check their belongings.

Apple has released a Personal Security User Guide, which explains how “Find My Network” can notify you if an unknown Air Tag is detected moving with you over time and how to disable it. Android users can also scan for unwanted Air Tags with “Tracker Detect” app.

Air Beacons can also emit sound if separated from their owner for a period of time.

“I would like always, I warn people to keep your head on a pivot and you know, just pay attention to whatever’s going on,” Young said.


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