Almost new buying guide: Skoda Kodiaq

Must know

Prices range from £ 17,000 for a 2016 or 2017 Kodiaq to £ 22,000 to £ 28,000 for models from 2020.

The most economical engine is the 2.0 TDI 150 diesel, which, when fitted with a DSG automatic transmission, returns a WLTP rating of 46.3 mpg.

Kodiaq diesel finished sixth out of 22 cars in the large SUV category in our sister title What Car? S latest reliability survey, while gasolines ranked 12th.

Buyer beware

Motor: Not using your diesel-powered Kodiaq enough can lead to a blocked diesel particulate filter, which will require cleaning as a result – or a hell of a beating on the highway.

Transmission: The Kodiaq automatic uses the Volkswagen DSG gearbox. Over time this is known to have gear shifting issues resulting in an awkward feeling when accelerating and decelerating. This is due to faults occurring both in the gearbox and in the mechatronic control system.

Interior: This is a large family car potentially used by a large number of people of varying sizes, so check to make sure the interior trim is clean with a little elbow grease and doesn’t require additional expensive repairs. Make sure all seats fold and slide as they should.

Electricity : Make sure all installed options are working as they should, including the front and rear power windows and the infotainment system.

Reminders: A software update is required on examples made between October 2018 and June 2019 in order to increase the amount of torque provided by the engine at low revs to improve handling.

The driver’s airbag may not inflate quickly enough in examples built from January to February 2018 to properly protect the occupant. Any Kodiaq affected by this recall should have the airbag replaced at a Skoda dealer. Some of the nuts that hold the second row seat frame on the examples built in December 2018 could be missing. This will need to be checked by a Skoda technician, who will replace the missing nuts for you.

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