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• Some members of the US men’s national soccer team, including midfielder Tyler Adams, have spoken of taking nine points in the first three World Cup qualifiers, including two away. And the Spanish translation of “hubris”, according to Google Translate, is “arrogance. “

• Three wins should be the goal, that’s true. But Thursday night’s gritty but sloppy performance in a scoreless tie with El Salvador should have been a lesson in humility and exactly what it will take to win on the road in CONCACAF.

• It probably would have helped to have star forward Christian Pulisic, who replaced Landon Donovan as the face of American football. Pulisic, who is regaining his strength after a fight with COVID-19, is expected to play against Canada on Sunday in Nashville.

• Woe, Canada? Or was I just guilty of a tiny bit of arrogance ?

• (No, we’re not in “count daddy’s jokes, win a prize” mode yet. This is still a low budget column.)

• A reminder of life on the road at CONCACAF: Gio Reyna braced for a corner kick in the second half and three cops held riot shields to protect him from projectiles from the stands. It didn’t matter: they still got Reyna with the contents of their water bottles.

• Another point to remember: who the hell would want to be a football referee?

• There’s only one of you, so you miss out on all the sneaky things going on behind your back, as well as having to spot all those acting jobs every time there is a contact. Every appeal is met with direct protests, often from both sides.

• And in CONCACAF qualifying, there is no VAR. For the uninitiated, that means Video Assistant Refereeing. (Or, as we prefer, “a bailout.”)

• In case you missed it, ESPN got hot this week for showing a high school football game between the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. – essentially a top sports factory, but legitimate – and Bishop Sycamore, supposedly a high school in Columbus, Ohio.

• One of the middlemen who runs such games for TV was tricked into thinking Bishop Sycamore had all kinds of Division I prospects on his roster. They didn’t, and after IMG’s predictable 58-0 win, people started to research.

• Not only did the program not have all of these perspectives, it had apparently played a game two nights earlier. And further reports suggested it was all a scam and asked if the school existed at all.

• What do we know for sure? Bishop Sycamore’s initials seem quite appropriate. Maybe it should have been the pipe.

• The NHL announced on Friday that its players will compete in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. We should have guessed when the schedule was announced on July 22, with each team getting an extended break from the February 5 All-Star Game. in Vegas until February 23.

• If the NHL can take a hiatus for the Winter Games, why can’t MLB at least consider taking the same for the Summer Games? Wouldn’t a global platform with the best players in the game be good for the sport as well as the Olympics?

• Involving the best football players would not only be the only way to obtain the membership of the Eurocentric IOC, but it would also mean the permanence of the Games for softball, drawn into this debate through no fault of its own.

• If you’ve purchased tickets or the pay-per-view for next Saturday’s Staples fight between Oscar De La Hoya and MMA’s Vitor Belafort… well, it’s up to you if you want to request a refund. Oscar pulled out on Friday because he has COVID-19.

• If Evander Holyfield, 58, replaces De La Hoya, 48, on the card, shouldn’t the senior handover come in?

• Remember when we recently suggested that all televised baseball games should have a defensive positioning graph in the corner of the screen, to keep track of changes? YouTube games have it. It almost makes up for a brutal ad to the limit.

• Suggestion for YouTube games: Use broadcaster # 1 from each participating team. For Thursday’s San Francisco Giants-Milwaukee Brewers game, imagine Jon Miller and Bob Uecker together, even though they’re in separate locations. And make MLB Network’s Alanna Rizzo the permanent field reporter.

• Today’s Coolest Story: Ryan Miller, who retired as Duck at the end of last season, will be part of Mike Sullivan’s US Olympic coaching staff in Beijing.

• Without Jarome Iginla to Sidney Crosby in overtime at the Vancouver 2010 Games, Miller might have won a gold medal as a player. The coaches don’t get medals, but at least he gets another chance to be part of an Olympic champion.

• The Lakers are now looking to acquire DeAndre Jordan, traded by the Brooklyn Nets to the Detroit Pistons and about to be bought out. Jordan, 33, is said to be one of the youngest on the AARP display team. So shouldn’t the senior discount also apply to the price of their tickets?

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