California man recovers stolen car with Apple AirTag tracking device


Dramatic video shows a man chasing his stolen vehicle in San Jose, California.

It all started when Robert Pendergrast saw a neighbor’s surveillance video showing the thief pulling up in his burgundy van. Fortunately, there was an Apple AirTag in the center console, showing the exact location of the truck in real time.

A few minutes later, Pendergrast was chasing the car. “I was in a 30 minute chase with this guy,” he said.

Pendergrast phoned and gave a deputy sheriff a detailed account.

“He’s blowing the fuckin’ road right now, man!” he said.

At one point, the stolen truck drove right past him. The video shows Pendergrast making an abrupt U-turn. The alleged thief then realized he was being chased and tried to lose his pursuer.

“When he realized he just didn’t want me to disappear, he stopped and jumped and ran into this kind of hotel lodge and ran between buildings,” Pendergrast said. .

Thankfully it all worked out, with Pendergrast’s truck back home where it belongs, but authorities are warning of the potential danger of taking a matter like this into your own hands.

“I can’t believe how much this device has helped me,” Pendergrast said.

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