“Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin playing for Bishop Sycamore in 2022 will be like Tom Brady and Randy Moss”: NFL fans Troll former MVP using bogus high school that conned ESPN

Cam Newton was surprisingly freed from the Patriots, causing fans to troll him using bogus high school Bishop Sycamore.

The deadline today was 4 p.m. ET, and before that, we’ve certainly seen some shocks. Of course, the biggest name to get cut was Cam Newton. The Patriots had played him shyly all preseason, never revealing who was going to be the starting quarterback and playing Cam and Mac like they were both vying for the job.

Cam even started the preseason games, further giving the impression that he would definitely have a shot at playing the starting role. Newton also performed well, but issues with Covid and his potential unvaccinated status may be the reasons for his release.

Of course, NFL fans couldn’t help but joke about the situation between Newton and the bogus high school Bishop Sycamore that made the headlines today.

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What is Bishop Sycamore? How did they rip ESPN in a national TV appearance? Bishop Sycomore’s List

Bishop Sycamore made headlines today after reports were published that they are not in fact a legitimate high school. Why was all this relevant? Well, Bishop Sycamore managed to end up on national television with ESPN broadcasting their game.

ESPN had an outdoor weekend before college football and the NFL began to dominate their TV show. So, seeing the opportunity to broadcast high school football, they seized it.

They were told Bishop Sycamore was a high school filled with Division 1 prospects, which added to the appeal of the game’s broadcast. None of this was true, however. The head coach had an arrest warrant against him, none of the players were in high school, being dropouts and adults, and they were also playing their second game in three days when they faced IMG.

Cam Newton Bishop Sycamore: NFL fans troll former QB patriots by equating him with him and Kelvin Benjamin on Bishop Sycamore to Tom Brady and Randy Moss

Coming to Cam Newton, we know there was a misunderstanding a few days earlier that led him to break the Covid protocol. Newton did nothing to endanger his team, but he was performing testing in locations far from NFL facilities, so he was instructed to stay away from the team for five days.

Newton appeared to be returning to the team, but after that he had some interesting comments to make on the Covid-19 vaccine. The NFL has been very strict on its rules for unvaccinated players, ready to issue fines and penalties as Cole Beasley and Isaiah McKenzie found out.

When reporters asked Cam Newton and rookie Mac Jones whether or not they were vaccinated, both chose to hijack the question. Newton would say:


Newton was one of the few players on the Patriots team to step onto the field wearing a mask, which the NFL requires for all unvaccinated players. Maybe the Patriots didn’t want to face the drama of having an unvaccinated player, and therefore, they chose to free Newton, but nonetheless, the situation is surprising.

This makes NFL fans pounce on jokes because whatever the situation, there will always be people laughing and memes about it:

Whether Cam takes his talents to Bishop Sycamore or elsewhere is a question mark at the moment, but I hope the former MVP can figure it out. He’s shown he can still play in the league, and there are starving quarterback teams like the Texans, WFT, Giants and Broncos out there.

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