Car and Bike GPS Tracker makes life easy and safe, stress free


Life today is anything but simple. Stress at work, both partners as professionals, long working hours, juggling work and family responsibilities to name a few can complicate life. Fortunately, there are many ways to make life simple, safe, and stress-free. One such device is GPS trackers.

Whether it’s to let family and friends know your exact location, while you’re away, or to give alerts about issues like overspeeding or sending warning signals in the event of theft, GPS tracking units are a necessity.

If you are considering investing in one, here is a list for your reference:

1) LAMROD Supreme Car / Bike Google Link GT02A GPS Tracker with mobile app subscription


This device is best suited for tracking your vehicle on a mobile app or on your desktop or laptop anytime. It comes with a one-year subscription to Android, iOS, and web apps. A SIM card is also included with the product but the customer must top it up with a data pack. It comes with a manual which will give all the necessary advice on installation.

Some features:
1) Warranty: 1 year box to box replacement warranty. Water damage is not covered by the warranty.
2) Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 3.1 x 1.2cm
3) Weight: 50 grams

MRP: ??3,699.00
Price: ??1 999.00

2) J&P Technologies Prime Plus


This waterproof GPS tracker is intended for cars, bicycles, buses and trucks. It has an engine lock and comes with 12 month SIM card data. You can stop your engine using their mobile app. It not only tracks movement but also contains travel history video – the GPS chip used sends the precise position of the vehicle to the company’s cloud servers and you can watch your vehicle’s live location and view it. full day driving history on their mobile app.

Some features:
1) You can set geographic barriers and excessive speed limits.
2) The system will provide you with daily statistics such as total distance, running time, idle time, stopping time, maximum speed and average speed of a vehicle using smart graphics and interactive.
3) Warranty: One year manufacturing warranty
4) Package dimensions: 35 x 35 x 34 cm
5) Weight: 146 grams

MRP: ??5,999.00
Price: ??2,999.00

3) Drivol 890-IN GPS Tracking Device (Made in India)


This tracking device can be used in a number of different vehicles including car, bicycle, motorcycle, SUV, boat, truck, bus, tractor and taxi. This device is made in India. It comes with a real-time locator, is waterproof and rugged. It is also easy to install.

Some features:
1) Display size: 890 inch
2) Weight: 99 grams
3) Has a battery saver mode to optimize your vehicle’s battery consumption and keep the battery charge low.
4) User interface with Android phone, iOS and web application

MRP: ??4,499.00
Price: ??1,599.00

4) Akari Gt02A GPS tracker


Here is a tracking device that comes without a sim. Batteries are also not included in this one. Like other devices of this type, this one also allows for real-time tracking – you can track your vehicle through mobile messages and an app or from your desktop / laptop anytime. It also provides you with the previous month’s history of all your routes. It provides one year app and website license, but you need to buy GPS SIM card with message data pack.

Some features:
1) Package Dimensions: 29.4 x 12.4 x 7.6cm
2) Weight: 610 grams

MRP: ??4,999.00
Price: ??1,799.00

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