Car tax zones: the navigation application saves “millions of drivers” from “unwanted” fines


A handful of cities have implemented car tax zones this year, and a number more are expected to introduce them in 2022. Bath, Birmingham and Portsmouth all launched their Clean Air Zones (CAZ) this year, while that London has expanded its very low emissions zone. (ULEZ) in October.

“This was our first experience with the driver only areas and it worked very effectively and it certainly helped millions of drivers avoid unnecessary or unwanted fines.

“From there it was a bit of a snowball effect. We have been involved in Birmingham, in Bath, Portsmouth has appeared more recently.

“It’s so uncertain. Traffic signs do a job of course, but sometimes you are driving in a speed zone, but you haven’t noticed. It’s so easy to miss these things.

“What we’re trying to do is alert drivers that the area is there before they enter it.

Prices for those driving in a CAZ differ, with some areas not charging for private vehicles, and others charging up to £ 12.50 for cars and £ 100 for larger vehicles.

Mr. Roberts added, “Thanks to the Waze for Cities program, area updates on the app come from our map editing community.

“We have hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world. We have a map editor platform so they can make changes right on the map that are active immediately.

“They can also be programmed so that with the CAZ there is an effective date so that our map editors can put everything in place so that, when launched, all navigations are correctly in the card.

“We were the first navigation proposal to be online with ULEZ and since then we have been working in partnership with cities that deploy this type of zone.

“There is going to be a map editor in your town, town, town.

“They know the area and are able to reach out and help, but they also know the local landscape and understanding the road network is really a key to the success of this program. ”

In 2022, a number of cities are expected to introduce their own clean air zones, including Sheffield, Greater Manchester, Bradford and Edinburgh, among others.


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