Car thief leads police in pursuit, pretends to be asleep when caught


A video has surfaced on the internet where a person in a car can be seen leading officials in a chase after noticing the car they believed was stolen. According to a report by Carscoops, British Police in Greater Manchester said officers patrolling the Levenshulme area observed a Kia Sportage which they believed to be stolen.

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They quickly started to follow the car and, realizing this, the driver tried to run away. The report states that as the matter accelerated, the driver made several minor collisions with other cars before mounting a central reservation on Stockport Road which damaged the car’s tires. However, the two punctures did not discourage the driver who continued to drive the car before abandoning it, whereupon the individual fled on foot.

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The officials lost the driver and so to find the thief they had the help of a tracking dog. The dog led the team to a garden behind a house where they found food and gloves smeared with the individual’s scent. The officials guessed that the person could be hiding inside, so they entered the house and searched the surroundings. They found the car thief pretending to be asleep upstairs. Authorities later discovered that the individual was a teenager who entered someone’s property, took the keys and stole the Kia Sportage.

The individual was given a 12 month juvenile rehabilitation order, a 12 month driving ban and a £ 85 fine in Manchester Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, no license and no insurance, the report said.


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