Car thieves have a new way to track your car and steal it from your driveway


A simple, high-tech method to steal high-end vehicles

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In an affluent city north of Toronto, area police have discovered a new trend in the way car hackers can steal luxury cars.

York Regional Police Auto / Cargo Theft Unit investigators say thieves place Apple AirTag devices, intended to help users find laptops or other personal belongings, in a hidden location of a parked car in a public place such as a shopping center. They then follow that car to its owner’s home at night and use tools like screwdrivers or Slim Jims to enter the vehicles through one of the front doors, while making sure they don’t trip the vehicle. car alarm.

Using a mechanic’s tool to reprogram factory settings through the on-board diagnostic port, they ask the vehicle to program a key they brought with them. And then they leave with the vehicle of their choice.

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AirTags use nearby Apple devices as crowdsourced beacons to pinpoint their location, reports, which explains how they can work even long after the thief drops it on a car. It is anonymous and encrypted, so that only its owner can track a particular AirTag.

As of September alone, YRP agents have investigated five such incidents in which $ 39 devices are placed in areas out of sight of target vehicles when in parking lots. Part of the car hackers have taken root in Aurora, perhaps because the city of about 62,000 people reports an average family income of $ 150,000 – almost triple the national average – making them more likely to own a high-end vehicle.

The York Regional Police Service has these tips for preventing such a theft:


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