Carjacking in Chicago: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart calls for better car tracking to fight carjacking


CHICAGO (WLS) – With car hijackings up 43% in Cook County from last year, Sheriff Tom Dart on Thursday unveiled a list of new crime-fighting efforts, including one directly targeting car manufacturers.

For victims like Dr. Stephanie Davis, it’s personal. A carjacker targeted the retired Air Force flight surgeon’s Porsche Cayenne at a Harvey gas station, pointing a gun at it on September 17 at 7:30 a.m.

“Instinctively, I grabbed the barrel of the gun to move it away from my head, maybe my military training prompted me to do this act of self-preservation in a split second,” a- she declared.

Davis, who was also a former enlisted Marine, was ripped from his Porsche. Criminals took his vehicle, cell phone and purse and apparently drove from Harvey to Elmhurst, where police linked his vehicle to another carjacking the same day.

A week later, Riverdale Police also had an ATM case related to this.

“My case is a good example,” Davis said. “If the follow-up and recovery happened earlier, there would be fewer casualties associated with my vehicle.”

Davis joined Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart on Thursday as he announced he wanted to track these vehicles instantly. At the moment, this is not happening.

“It’s across the board,” Dart said. “Some manufacturers, some dealers only operate 9-5 days of a week, so we can’t even reach anyone. Others say we need the real owner’s consent.”

Although Davis made several calls, it took 12 days to locate his vehicle.

So now, Dart has sent out a letter asking 11 major automakers for their “cooperation”, asking each of them to set up a “24/7 hotline” that customers and law enforcement can use to. quickly track vehicles. Dart wants a meeting now.

“I’ll be driving to Detroit today, today if you want to have a meeting,” Dart said. “I need to have agendas where we can sit down and say, literally, here are the things that interest me, what actions we can do now.”

In the meantime, the sheriff’s website has a place where owners can complete a consent form now So, if you are the victim of car theft, investigators have your permission to contact the car manufacturers and track your vehicle.

Davis hopes businesses see the big picture, a 24/7 hotline.

“I hope the automakers get involved because it will be beneficial and help a lot of people – not just in Chicago, but across the country,” she said.

If you want others to know your car is trackable, Dart also announced that stickers for your car are available at police stations and sheriff’s courthouses.

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