GPS tracking: steer the fleet in the right direction

Transport and fleet managers have a tough job. The need to monitor and manage employees and assets, juggle customer demands and deliverables, ensure safety, control costs and environmental impact, all add to the complexity and challenges faced. are faced by professionals in the sector. In addition to – dare we …

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GOP blocks bill to keep government running – Daily Breeze

By Lisa Mascaro and Zeke Miller | Associated press WASHINGTON – Republican Senators on Monday blocked a bill to keep the government in business and allow federal borrowing, but Democrats aiming to avoid a shutdown are likely to try again – while continuing President Joe Biden’s big plans to reshape …

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SpaceX’s Starlink Broadband Satellites Could Be Used For GPS Navigation

SpaceX’s Starlink satellites can be used for navigation and global positioning in addition to their primary broadband internet function, a new research study suggests. Engineering researchers outside SpaceX have found a way to use signals from the Starlink constellation for navigation similar to the capabilities provided by global positioning (GPS) …

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