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Every day, thousands of users buy products from China through the most popular e-commerce sites on the web such as eBay, Amazon or even other e-commerce sites residing in China for example. AliExpress, Banggood and Wish. Unfortunately the china post tracking integrated into these e-commerce does not very often provide exhaustive information in real time, showing little specific and almost always generic information on the shipment status of the order.

It can also happen to experience delivery delays (which in some situations can even reach 30/40 days), due to unreliable delivery mechanisms used for delivery from China to Italy, thus risking not seeing the package delivered within the estimated time. because late or stuck in nobody knows in which country due to a bureaucratic problem. However, it is always better if the shipment is lost!

To remedy this problem, there are several tracking systems, useful to know more in depth in which part of the world the parcel is located and therefore to understand if there have been any problems with the shipment.

What is china post

As can easily be understood, China Post is the official Chinese postal service. The company was founded in 1997, and the head office is located in Beijing. This postal service handles both internal shipments to China and external shipments worldwide. As for foreigners, China Post uses certain agreements with other postal services to facilitate shipping.

The most important agreements of China Post: EMS ePacket

One of the most important services that China Post relies on is China EMS (ePacket) which also uses Sea / Airmail (Air Mail and Naval Mail deliveries). This company, whose acronym stands for Express Mail Service, allows you to take advantage of an international express postal service available in 180 countries. A service characterized by quality, speed and competence.

Another important agreement as far as we are concerned is the one concluded with Poste Italiane with Poste Delivery Globe. This service allows you to send or receive packages outside the European Union. In addition, China Post also has agreements with Amazon to ensure fast and above all reliable shipments.

However, it often happens that the shipment made by China Post gets lost or leaves no trace. This is caused by various factors such as technical problems, confusion, incompetence, distraction, slowdowns, misunderstandings or “cunning salespeople”.

Let’s see what we can do to deal with such problems.

How to track China Post from Italy

One of the first things to do, if you want to understand where a shipment from China is, is to track (or track) a shipment using the code provided to you when you make a purchase on the internet. By using this code, you can get a lot of information about a “late” shipment.

17Track the best tracking solution

To do this, you will need to use a service that allows you to search for a shipment. One of the best services is 17Track also available through App on Play Store and App Store. Once you’ve opened the site or app, simply enter the shipping code and click TRACK to find the exact location of your package.

It is one of the best tracking services because it is integrated with almost all global postal services, ensuring 98.99% worldwide coverage. Just think that it is capable of tracking over 15 million monthly shipments. Available in many languages, although it is a free service, it also offers professional support and assistance to all new customers.

Other follow-up services

Another very useful tracking service for tracking your packages from China is Ship24, here too you will need to paste the shipping code in the rectangular field and then press the arrow in the blue circle. You will then see the exact information of a shipment.

Another solution to have news of your package is to use the tracking offered by the aforementioned EMS if a shipment is entrusted to this service. Also in this case, you must copy and paste the shipping code in the space provided. The site is in EN (but Spanish, French and Portuguese are also available).


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