Consumer Reports Introduces High-Tech GPS Tools to Track Your Pet’s Location

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Having a pet on the run can be agonizing for an owner.

But some GPS-equipped pet trackers claim they can quickly reunite you with your frisky friend.

Consumer Reports experts just finished testing pet tracking devices and revealed some tips and recommendations for choosing the best one for your pet.

Consumer Reports tested pet trackers to see how easy they are to use, set up, and how well they track your pet.

Owners will create a safe zone on a map in a smartphone app, and every time your pet leaves that zone, you’ll get an alert on your phone.

And for actual testing, a CR writer spent several weeks using the devices to track his dog.

The writer’s dog never runs away for long periods of time, but if he did, he knows he’d be able to pinpoint his location.

CR says it’s best to choose a device that uses both GPS and cell service.

This means you will pay the cost of the device plus a subscription plan. But that extra cost is worth it for the extra tracking range it allows.

And many trackers also offer a “lost mode” or “live mode” feature that updates the location more frequently if your pet moves out of the safe zone.

The best Tractive GPS Dog LTE offers the best price among all devices tested by CR. It is also light enough to use on your cat.

The cost for the first year is $134 ($50 for the device and $84 per year for the service.)

CR says no matter which tracker you choose, familiarize yourself with the device and practice tracking your pet before there is an emergency.

You don’t want to know how to use an app while frantically searching for your pet.

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