Council set to make improvements to Westy’s trial traffic plan


As traffic chaos and confusion continued on Westy’s roads this morning, Warrington Borough Council provided details of how residents can raise concerns about the traffic measures on trial.

Meanwhile, Warrington Borough Council has also attempted to address current concerns about the following, including contacting sat nav providers to update their systems!

The council also says it is open to making improvements to the trial scheme, aimed at reducing traffic and making streets safer and less polluted, based on local feedback.

•The diagrams are being installed and were therefore not finished yesterday. They will be finished this week.
• Advanced directional signage has been considered and will be installed this week.
• Issues with bypassing filters have been considered in the design. This will not be possible once the installation is complete.
•The bend in the filter mouth has also been taken into account in the design, to allow operators to carry out this maneuver in complete safety. We expect the frequency of this trip to decrease significantly once drivers establish new alternative routes.
•All designs have undergone an independent road safety audit.
•Sat Nav providers have been notified and we are awaiting updates to their systems.
• Cheshire Police have been consulted throughout the development of the project and will enforce any fines.
• This is a trial program and we are open to making improvements to the program based on local feedback.

Local residents took to social media and contacted warrington-worldwide raising concerns. Some have cried because of the stress which they say is impacting their mental health.

Ongoing public feedback
After an initial period, a full engagement process will be conducted with local residents and businesses. This will include a detailed survey process, to help us assess the level of support and changes in the local environment. More information on this will be provided in the coming weeks. The evidence and feedback gathered will be used alongside any official representation to inform a decision on whether or not the program will be made permanent.

Formal representations
Anyone wishing to make an official representation on the Experimental Traffic Control Ordinance (ETRO) should email or write to us using the contact details below. Further details can be found online at In your representation, you must clearly and concisely state your support for or objection to the program, as well as any evidence or justification for your position.
Email: [email protected]
Post: LTN Trial, Town Hall, Sankey Street, Warrington, WA1 1UH

General Information
For general inquiries please contact [email protected] or write to:

Central plan of the 6 streets
Transportation to Warrington
East Annex, Town Hall
Sankey Street

Confusion and chaos on the first day of Westy’s low traffic program


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