Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Fears of a Christmas Covid wave for hospitals and general practitioners in Kiwi

November 20, 2021 There have been 172 new cases of Covid-19 in the community today – and Wellington’s first case has been confirmed, an Auckland essential worker.

GPs are preparing to get through the holiday season with a potential increase in Covid-19 cases, as the virus continues to spread across the country.

College of General Practitioners Medical Director Dr Bryan Betty said many practices typically shut down during the Christmas and New Years period – which could put pressure on hospitals and emergency care facilities.

“The list needs to be looked at very closely and maybe have people on hold if demand peaks. “

The number of intensive care units available and other pressures on the medical system in the event of an increase in cases have raised concerns.

Modeling done by Professor Shaun Hendy and his team for the government showed the worst-case scenario of 16,000 weekly cases over the summer, but chief health officer Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the news -Zeeland would probably not reach that number.

“Again, a lot of this is very unknown at the moment,” Betty said.

“We are entering uncharted waters at the moment as to what will happen with Covid, what the system requirements will be.

“There are a lot of variables in terms of what could potentially happen.”

The Auckland border is expected to open to people vaccinated or tested on December 15.

“There are concerns about the border drop in Auckland just before Christmas at a time when service levels in GP surgeries are typically reduced due to the Christmas and New Years holiday period,” said Betty.

“So if Covid spreads across the country and there is an increase in cases, how is the system going to deal with it.”

“I think the thinking is about how you maintain the service if there is increased demand or increased need for demand in terms of possible Covid cases?

“So what’s going on in local areas is planning or thinking about that and how the service is being maintained at that time.”

Covid-19 cases are starting to spread across the country, with cases having erupted in Wellington, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Masterton and more in the past seven days.

172 new community cases were announced today.

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