Daughter of Alexander Dugin, Putin’s right-hand man, killed in car bomb outside Moscow


Moscow: The daughter of a far-right Russian ideologue dubbed “Putin’s mastermind” for allegedly influencing the Russian president’s fascist views was reportedly killed Saturday night in a car bomb attack outside Moscow. Baza and 112 news agencies, which reported that Darya Dugina, daughter of Alexander Dugin, was killed instantly in the blast, widely circulated footage of the blast on Telegram. Police sources quoted by the Russian news agency TASS confirmed that a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado had exploded, but they did not confirm the identity of the driver, stating only that the victim was a woman. However, a man whom TASS identified as a friend of Dugina confirmed that she had died.

According to Russian news source Baza, Dugina, 30, was on her way home from the ‘Tradition’ literature and music festival when the blast happened. She would have had the car keys only 10 minutes before the explosion.

According to Russian violinist Pyotr Lundstrem, quoted by the publication, Alexander Dugin was originally supposed to be in the car his daughter was driving but ended up getting into another at the last minute.

Reportedly, Dugin saw his daughter’s car explode while following her closely. Dugin looked inconsolable in the photos shared by Baza, cradling his head in both hands as he stood in front of the burning debris.

Angrily blaming “Ukrainian regime terrorists”, Russian Donetsk proxy leader Denis Pushilin wrote on Telegram that they had “tried to liquidate Alexander Dugin” but “blew up his daughter”.

In memory of Darya, Pushilin wrote: “She is a real Russian girl.

Similar to how they blamed Ukraine for the explosion, Telegram channels and pro-Kremlin social media pages urged Russians to “avenge” Dugina’s death.

Reports say investigators believe the blast may have been a targeted attack aimed at Alexander Dugin, a philosopher widely seen as the main architect of Vladimir Putin’s ideology of a ‘Russian world’ and the inspiration behind his aggression against Ukraine.

Darya Dugina had expressed her approval of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. In an interview, Dugina claimed that the killing of civilians was staged as evidence that Russian war crimes in Kyiv’s Bucha neighborhood began to mount in April. Dugina bizarrely claimed that the United States chose the location because the town’s name sounds like “butcher” in English. As part of his involvement in Project Lakhta, a Kremlin-led influence operation, the US government also imposed sanctions on him in March.

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