DDRB asked not to suggest that salary increase practices of salaried GPs cannot afford


The government has asked the Physician and Dentist Compensation Review Body (DDRB) to consider “affordability” for practices when recommending a salary increase for general practitioners for the next year.

In his engagement letter to the DDRB for the 2022/23 fiscal year, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the remuneration of independent general practitioners should not be considered part of the review as they “remain subject to review. “to the five-year salary agreement between NHS England and the BMA.

However, he added: “We invite you, however, to make recommendations on the maximum and minimum wage increases. [GP] salary scales.

But he said: “As always, recommendations will need to be based on the affordability and fixed contractual resources available to firms under the five-year GP contract.”

The five-year GP contract for England GPs, concluded in 2019/20, aimed to give GP partners a 2% pay rise year over year.

However, for the current fiscal year, the government has accepted a DDRB recommendation that salaried general practitioners receive a 3% pay rise.

At the time, the BMA said it was an “empty promise” without additional funding for GP practices.

The government originally proposed a 1% pay hike for doctors in March this year.

Meanwhile, contract negotiations with the Welsh GP for 2021/22 concluded at the end of last month, with all GPs due to receive a 3% pay rise backdated to April 1. The year before, Welsh GPs received a 2.8% pay rise.

Last month, the LMC conference in England called on the BMA to negotiate a new GP contract, with more than half of delegates expressing support for a fee-for-service model.


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