Del Mar ends 2021 with record bets and safe races


Del mar closed its 2021 racing calendar on December 5 with the conclusion of its eighth Bing Crosby season, adding extra luster to its sturdy summer stand. Between them, the pair totaled a combined final bet mark of $ 943.49 million, a record for the seaside oval.

The track has counted the return of racing fans, outstanding purses for its riders and the hosting of another record-breaking Breeders’ Cup among their bright spots in 2021. He has also consistently boasted of being one of the greats. America’s safest racetracks, noting that only one horse was catastrophically injured in the 426 races and 3,552 starters that took place at both meetings.

The total amount for the four-week, 13-day fall semester was $ 171.58 million. Average daily pay for fall meetups hit a record $ 13.19 million, up 1% from the record average daily pay posted last year.

The Breeders’ Cup, which took place in Del Mar on November 5 and 6, had a joint amount of $ 183,260,127, a two-day record for the championship event.

When Del Mar last hosted the Breeders’ Cup in 2017, it was posting a record $ 166,077,486 at the time. The new rating is 10.4% higher than this.

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Del Mar’s stakes in 2021 totaled $ 943.49 million, up 21.3% from the previous record of $ 778.97 million set in 2017 when Del Mar last hosted the Breeders’ Cup.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club CEO Joe Harper said he was extremely pleased with the events on his circuit during the year.

“I am exceptionally proud of our team and to see all of their hard work pay off over the two seasons,” he said. “We put on a hell of a show at the Breeders’ Cup once again; we were at our best for the best. And we’re safe, very safe. It’s just the best of all.”

“The racing world has once again got to see what we spoil each year – one of the best operations in the business,” said Gary Fenton, president of Thoroughbred Owners of California. “The Breeders’ Cup kicked off another wonderful match and we are so grateful to the entire DMTC team. TOC couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

The track’s Ship & Win program, which encourages riders to bring their riders to Del Mar for its two seasons, had another banner session. Sixty-seven new riders came to Del Mar in the fall as part of the program and six of them made a second start during the Bing Crosby season. A total of 1,885 Ship & Win racers have come to California since the program began 11 years ago.

Its Fall Turf Festival again drew top runners from across the country to compete in its seven-race booth during the final weekend of the competition. Over a dozen Aces Stakes dispatched to take on local racers in rich events.

The track crash king was Juan Hernandez with his first 17 of 79 mounts during the 15 day session (including the Breeders’ Cup). This is his first title at Del Mar. The best coach was Phil D’Amato who recorded 15 first out of 52 starters. This is his first fall championship, but his third overall.

Races will return to Del Mar on July 22 for the 83rd summer season of the track.


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