Domestic violence survivor speaks out after surviving a decade of bully boyfriend putting tracker on her car


A victim of domestic violence whose ex thug put a tracker on her car and accused her of smelling condoms has spoken out after finally being brought to justice.

Suzie Giddens, 32, shared how her partner Timothy Lenihan, 41, made her life hell for nearly a decade by subjecting it to sporadic violence and manipulative suicide threats.

The controlling ex-partner was given a seven-year restraining order last month after admitting to the assault and coercive behavior.

And speaking publicly for the first time about her ordeal, Suzie has said she wants her story to inspire another woman “trapped” in an abusive relationship.

Suzie said she even feared for her life after Lenihan secretly installed a tracker on her car, which he checked 15 times a day and used to track her.

During their nine-year relationship, Lenihan also tormented Suzie by using ridiculous methods to “prove” that she was cheating on him.

Suzie said, “When I get home [from weekends with my friends], he said ‘I know what you did’ and he even accused me of smelling the condom. “

Lenihan also used Suzie’s own phone to message men on Facebook before capturing the conversations as “proof” that she was cheating on him.

Suzie said: “I noticed the grammar was not quite correct. I couldn’t believe he went to Facebook, pretended to be me, and texted another man.

“It was total madness and it really opened my eyes to how controlling and manipulative he could be.”

Suzie Giddens with Abusive Former Boyfriend Timothy Lenihan

The couple met at a festival in Peterborough, Cambs in 2011 before starting a relationship despite friends warning Suzie of Lenihan’s “bad reputation”.

A year after reuniting, Lenihan assaulted Suzie – throwing her to the ground after drinking – before apologizing in an attempt to make up for her violence.

Suzie said: “The violence was sort of dispersed. After being violent to me, he would take me to dinner and was really nice to me.

“Every time I tried to leave he would say he felt suicidal. He was really shooting me and making me feel guilty.”

In March of this year, Lenihan secretly installed a tracker on Suzie’s car, which he checked 15 times a day and used it to track her to the house of a friend she was with. confided in Lenihan’s behavior.

Suzie said: “Tim was watching every move and it got to the point where I stopped talking to this friend because I realized my life could potentially be in danger.

“When I realized that Tim was outside his house, all the blood ran out of my face. I realized he somehow knew exactly where I was.

During the Covid lockdown, Suzie said she realized she was “hopelessly unhappy” with Lenihan, who “was sitting at home drinking all the time.”

Suzie said, “I would go to bed around 8 or 9 pm because I just couldn’t be with him.

“I started to realize that I didn’t like anything about him. I was desperately miserable and he didn’t care.”

One of Suzie’s friends eventually spoke to the police about Lenihan’s behavior when he showed up at his house after following Suzie with the car tracker.

Lenihan, of Peterborough, Cambs, was finally arraigned on July 28 when he received a seven-year restraining order after admitting coercive control and common assault charges.

A Peterborough Crown Court judge also passed a two-year community order, a 30-day rehab activity requirement, a 50-day relationship building program and 50 hours of unpaid work.

Suzie said: “I feel so free; my life is in my control and it is so liberating. Why should you change your life for someone who doesn’t treat you well and never did?

“Life can only improve after being in this kind of toxic and despicable environment.”

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