Drivers face ‘speed-limiting devices fitted to all new cars’ under new government plans’


Speed-limiting devices could be introduced on all new cars as part of new government plans to improve road safety, which would also be backed by environmental groups, it has been learned.

Speed ​​limiters could be fitted to new cars, it is reported

Britons could face having speed limiters fitted to all new cars as part of government plans to improve road safety, it has been reported.

Measures that would lower speeds and reduce pollution from cars would also be backed by environmental groups.

But critics also denounced the “big brother” idea that would mean greater state control over people’s lives.

The government is expected to announce consultations on several possible proposals for reducing engine power or setting off an alarm if drivers exceed the speed limit, the Telegraph reported.

It would be another method to stop speeding with 60mph limits on parts of smart highways that are enforced by the police.

The government would consult on the best ways to introduce speed-limiting technology


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At the same time, some MPs have lambasted what they see as an ‘anti-driver campaign’, including Craig Mackinlay, Conservative chairman of the Fair Fuel UK Motorists and Hauliers cross-party parliamentary group.

He, reported the Telegraph, said: “It’s going to completely destroy the luxury car market, and I think there are so many aspects of the anti-driver campaign now that come to the fore.

“It’s just more Big Brother in your cockpit. We’ll see more of that if we go the road pricing route. I don’t think people have thought about the freedom aspects of it all. It just seems very unconservative .

Speeding could be detected using GPS devices and cameras on cars, but potential issues would include where temporary restrictions are in place.

Critics claim the new plans would be an example of ‘big brother’


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Edmund King, the chairman of the AA, is quoted as saying: “The speed limits must be totally precise because the car reacts to the speed limit. If you have the wrong speed limit in the number system, it could slow you down to the wrong speed or allow you to speed up to the wrong speed.

A tentative deal has been reached to make speed limiters compulsory for all new cars sold in Europe from July 6, 2022. Even though the UK left the EU in 2020, it still follows the same regulations for speed limiters. new cars.

Another rule implemented in UK law has made it mandatory for all new cars to be fitted with intelligent speed assist by July 7, 2024.

The limiters use a technology called Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant (ISA) to detect the local speed limit in the area using GPS and video data. They then eliminate the choice of exceeding the legal speed or making it more difficult. Manufacturers have a few options for implementing this – from the system automatically reducing engine power to visual, audio and sensory cues to alert the driver.

Ford and Citroen are among the automakers that have already introduced speed limit technology in new vehicles.

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