Ducati Panigale V4 is now even more track-oriented for 2022


Ducati has achieved with the Panigale V4 an explosive motorcycle in every way, designed to explore the maximum level of performance it can offer. The 2022 version is prepared to be even faster on the track and at the same time more intuitive and less demanding for the pilot. Simply put, it promises much more rewarding experiences with less effort and risk.

One aspect that Ducati completely overhauled was the aerodynamics, which takes a step forward with a new fairing in which we see incorporated a set of dual-profile fenders, and a smaller and trimmed profile than before, despite which the Ground downforce was increased to 81 pounds of force at 186 mph.

Ducati has also improved the heat dispersion of the engine with new gill-shaped outlets. This improves the entire cooling system and, with it, the linear development of power even at very high ambient temperatures or in demanding environments, such as long days on the track.

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The Panigale V4 gets better ergonomics and more power

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Ducati has revised the position of the handles on a motorcycle as demanding as the Panigale V4 to increase grip. In addition, the new gas tank helps the rider to feel better connected and integrated into the whole, both in the straights and when approaching turns and accelerating.

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Changes in the engine affect the increase in horsepower, thanks to a new lubrication circuit and a charge pump that promises to reduce horsepower losses. In addition, a new silencer with a larger diameter at its outlet reduces exhaust back pressures.

Combined with the new card programmed by Ducati, the whole thing achieves no less than 215 horsepower at 13,000 rpm, ie 1.5 horsepower more than the previous version. Plus, torque is 91.46 lb-ft at just 9,500 rpm, delivering 80% of total at 6,000 rpm.

New performance improvements

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The transmission now offers longer shifts between first and third, although it should be noted that the first gear has been lengthened by 11.6% and the second by 5.6%. The smaller jump between first and second allows, along with DQS reprogramming, smoother, more gradual operation without eliminating the efficiency of full throttle pulling out of the tightest angles. As for the sixth gear, this has been lengthened by 1.8%, which allows it to reach a top speed of 3.1 mph higher than that of the previous version.

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For their part, the Power Modes of the Panigale V4 have also been refined. The Full and Low settings are entirely new, with the first setting fully unleashing the fury of the Ducati with virtually no control except in first gear. In contrast, the latter sets the potential barrier of the engine to 150 horsepower, ideal for riding on open roads by providing a smooth yet powerful throttle response.

The High and Medium modes take on a new dimension thanks to the changes implemented in the Ride by Wire management cards, allowing you to take advantage of the full potential of the V4.

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Öhlins suspension and Akrapovic exhaust

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You can enjoy the performance of the Desmosedici Stradale even more by fitting a complete set of Akrapovic racing exhaust system, made of titanium, with a sound limit set at 105 dB (2 dB less with dB killer). Its design rises towards the tail, increasing power to 12.5 horsepower, bringing the maximum figure to around 228 horsepower. Over time, the torque will be left at 96.62 pound-feet of torque, while the overall weight will be reduced by 11 pounds.

But if you are still looking for more performance, an even lighter full racing version will be available, but, yes, something more “outrageous” and made, like the previous one, by Akrapovic.

In the cycle section, there are more elements of proven quality. Öhlins offers a new electronically controlled NPX 25/30 pressurized fork, which minimizes the effect of oil cavitation in the fork passages with better feel and better use of braking in maximum compression.

The stroke is reduced by 5 mm compared to the previous version, being now 125 mm, in turn changing the hardness of the springs, from 10 in the previous ones to 9.5 N / mm today, which will affect in general progressiveness, but also moments as radical as those described in full braking.

Rear improvements

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We found in-depth work in tuning the Ôhlins TTX36 shock absorber and steering unit controlled by group actions, such as specific reactions to acceleration, braking or cornering, by modifying the hardware. and its components.

We continue with the rear, where the axle of the slim aluminum one-sided swingarm is positioned 4mm higher than in the previous “Pani” to reduce rear sag in the craziest accelerations.

The electronic package includes a 6-axis inertial unit that receives information on everything that is happening on board to divide it into 4 driving modes: Race A, Race B, Sport and Street. All of this is displayed in new instrumentation, also offering an additional option called Track Evo.

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The tachometer and gear are more important with this screen selected, illuminating the electronic controls available according to their intervention on one side of the screen (DTC, EBC, DWC and DSC). On the opposite side, on the left, we have the stopwatch, the laps carried out and the driving speed. A green LED warns of the need to change gears.

The Panigale V4 gets a makeover

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The Panigale V4 has new graphics from the Ducati Centro Stile. Thus, we see a black for the logos of the fairings systematically identifying “Ducati red”. We also get a double padded seat in two colors in the S version and a red label on the black wheels in this version.

It won’t be until January 2022 when the Panigale V4 and the Panigale V4 S are available.

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