Dyersville Farm Equipment Dealers Report GPS Equipment Theft


DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) – Farm equipment dealers in Dyersville are reporting thefts of tractors and other equipment.

Tony Sherbring, the general manager of Scherrman’s Implement in Dyersville, said they had lost three receivers and three monitors.

“We went back to the tapes and looked at it and from 3:05 am to 3:21 am two people were on our lot, a man was carrying a backpack, and that’s about all we can make out with the tapes. . ” Sherbring said.

It took the two people just 16 minutes to steal about $ 40,000 in equipment from the dealership, which works with farm equipment and tractors.

“Basically they’re running the tractors’ GPS system, they pinpoint the location of the tractor in the field so that when you mulch, plant, pick, the equipment knows what’s going on behind it,” Scherbring said.

The dealer next door also had this equipment stolen, but the thefts didn’t just happen in Iowa. A dealer in Atlanta, Illinois also explained on Facebook that thieves knocked on their home the same night.

“This GPS equipment is currently out of stock like any other type of computer chip currently,” Scherbring said. “So the main reason is probably because of this. We’ve never stolen anything like this before.

The Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. Sheriff Joe Kennedy said a robbery like this was a first for them.

“In fact, this is the first time we’ve heard of something like this,” Kennedy said. “We really didn’t know how much these units were worth until this incident.”

Kennedy said investigators found footprints and footprints in the area. He added that the surveillance video also helped paint a clearer picture.

“Obviously they were doing the trick,” Kennedy said. “They knew what they were looking for and they knew where to find it.”

Kennedy said investigators are currently in the process of identifying potential people to interview.

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