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EAST PIKELAND – Two new park projects in the township have received more than $ 340,000 in grants from Chester County, the township said.

The two new parks are Ridge Road Park and Hidden River Park and Preserve.

Crest Road Park

Ridge Road Park, a 16-acre park on Ridge Road located between Hares Hill and Frog Hollow Roads, will feature a community garden, orchard, dog park, ADA accessible trails and green stormwater facilities.

It has been under construction for several years and began in 2005 when the developers of Kimberton Meadows agreed to reserve two plots for future use as Township park land.

The subdivision owners association kept the property until 2019, when the township made its commitment, according to a presentation posted on the township website.

The location was ideal for the township in that it is located in an area not well served by a park, is near the intersection of highways 724 and 23, and is relatively flat, not requiring that little or no earthworks for the development of the site in park, according to the presentation of the commune.

It is also in front of the the new East Pikeland Elementary School is currently planned by the Phoenixville School District.

The plan for Ridge Road Park is to leave eight acres as natural grassland and for a dog park, playground, community garden, orchard, and paved trails accessible to ADA.

The project also includes the conversion of eight acres of land to native grasslands. To date, the township has received $ 284,390 in state and county grants to fund this project. Last October, the estimated cost of developing the park was $ 356,550.

The first phase, which is expected to begin shortly and end in the fall of 2022, involves construction of the parking lot, utilities, stormwater facilities, grading, improvement of the existing trail and planting of native grassland. , depending on the presentation.

The second phase, which will run from fall 2021 to fall 2022, provides for the construction of the dog park with fencing; a concrete reception area and install other site equipment such as pavilions, kiosks, benches and continue the expansion of trails; plant orchard and other landscaping.

The final phase, which is expected to be completed by spring 2023, includes the installation of the community garden with fencing; extension of the completed trail; the construction of the tool shed and the garden pavilion and the installation of educational panels.

Hidden River Park and Preserve

The 115-acre Hidden River Park and Preserve was once known as the “Crouse Property”.

Hidden River Park and Preserve

Hidden River Park and Preserve

The 115-acre Hidden River Park and Preserve is located along the Schuylkill River.

This park, formerly known as the “Crouse Property,” is a 115-acre open space purchased by the Township in 2019.

“Hidden River Park will be primarily dedicated to passive recreation and open spaces. The main entrance to the park will be at the north end of the property, off Spring City Road, ”according to the township plan developed in 2020.

“There the old agricultural complex will be preserved with buildings and structures redeveloped for education / events and programming of park facilities. The southern corner of the property is offered as active recreation with parking at the trailhead. to access the Schuylkill River Trail. The majority of the property will be restored as native prairie and forest, “according to the plan.

Hidden River Park and Preserve 3

The structures and ruins of the property are an indicator of the agricultural history of the site.

This new park will also include a natural playground, more than three kilometers of paved walking paths and natural surfaces accessible to people with disabilities, picnic pavilions, an 18-hole disc golf course and an outdoor classroom. and a performance space, among other amenities.

The site’s natural features will be restored, with over 52 acres converted to native grasslands and 10 acres returned to forest. Riparian buffer zone revitalization projects will also be completed.

Each of these improvements will create habitat for mammals, birds and pollinators; address storm water issues; and provide educational and recreational opportunities.

Subsequent phases of the park’s development will include active recreational facilities.

In addition to $ 2,710,500 in grants for the open space acquisition funds for this property, the Township has received over $ 300,000 in grants to develop the park and is seeking additional funding.

To discover ways to get involved in their creation, visit the canton’s website, www.eastpikeland.org, for more information.


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