Elderly couple missing on road trip found with husband dead and wife alive


Ronnie and Beverly Barker were on a trip to the United States when they “disappeared into thin air”, with rescuers later finding them in the mountains thanks to faulty GPS.

Ronnie and Beverly Barker disappeared for several days before being found on top of a mountain

An elderly couple who have been missing for over a week have been lost to a faulty GPS, which claimed the life of one of them.

Ronnie and Beverly Barker were returning home from a road trip across the western United States when they suddenly stopped communicating with their family back home.

Terrified, they sounded the alarm and a week later were found lost on a mountain after going to their car for help when their motorhome got stuck in the mud.

Tragically, Ronnie, 72, was pronounced dead at the scene while his wife, 69, was taken to hospital suffering from dehydration.

In a statement, the family thanked those who helped find the couple.

He said: ‘The outpouring of support was just amazing from members of the local community.

The couple got into trouble when their motorhome got stuck in the mud, forcing them to use their car to find help

“Our hearts are full because of the efforts that have gone into helping us bring Ron and Bev home to Indiana.

“While the loss of Ronnie Barker is tragic, we are grateful that Beverly was found alive and can now begin to recover from this tragic ordeal.

“We are grateful that Beverly can fill in the blanks and give us the answers we are all so desperately seeking.

“Ronnie Barker loved his family and loved his country. He served our nation with pride during his 26 year career in the United States Air Force.

They were found about two hours away from their motorhome

“Ronnie believed in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was proud of his faith and was always ready to give to others.

“He was funny, witty and was the spark of energy that everyone gravitated towards. People loved and wanted to be around Ron Barker.

Search parties looking for the couple came across their abandoned camper van stuck in the mud.

As they widened their search, Beverly caught their attention by sending an SOS in Morse code using the car horn.

The search was delayed for four days because police were unable to issue an alert because the couple were not from Nevada.

The couple got lost in the Nevada desert


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Their nephew, Travis Peters, told 13 News: “What happened was a 25 minute phone call which is the most amazing phone call I’ve ever had.

“As many people suspected, these were wrong GPS directions.”

He added that the Barkers both know the technology.

Beverly previously worked for defense contractors while Ronnie was an Air Force veteran.

Their daughter Jennifer Whaley said earlier on the search: ‘They literally disappeared into thin air.

“It’s all flat. Everything is deserted. So where did they go? Where did they go? They are in the middle of the desert. You can see for miles and a 32ft RV, towing a car, literally vanishes into thin air. Where did they go?

“When they fall from the surface of the earth, there is a problem.”

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