F1 car porpoising looks like turbulence on a flight


All teams have felt the effect on the main straight of the Spanish track to a greater or lesser degree and much attention has focused on Leclerc after a video clip posted by F1 caught his Ferrari F1- 75 suffering from extreme levels of porpoising.

At Barcelona the teams were able to dial it in with ride height and aero tweaks, but that should be a regular feature this year, at least in the early races, as the engineers learn to control it.

“It feels like turbulence in an airplane, going up and down the whole straight,” Leclerc said.

“I think one of the videos released by F1 shows this phenomenon quite well, and I can’t say it’s pleasant. It makes you a little sick, but that’s okay.

“It is still very early for this project. So I feel like that’s a problem that everybody more or less has in the paddock, but yeah, in this paddock all the best engineers in the world are here, so I’m pretty sure we we’ll find a solution.”

Many observers suggested the Ferrari F1-75 was the most competitive overall package at Barcelona, ​​but Leclerc was cautious about the true shape of the car, while conceding the first test went well for the team. from Maranello.

“We did a lot of laps, no major issues, which is always great considering this is a brand new project,” he said. “So that’s good. We tested a lot of new things.

“Then in terms of performance it’s impossible to know where we are compared to the others, it’s still very early, everyone hides their performance a bit, and we won’t know, I think, until the first qualifications of the year where everyone’s potential is.

“But so far the three days have gone well for us, which is always positive to start like this. And the pre-season preparation went well, I feel better than ever. Every year I try to push the bar a little higher, and I feel good and I felt good during those tests in the car.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari F1-75

Photo by: Alessio Morgese

Regarding the atmosphere in the Maranello camp, he said: “We are quite happy that things went well.

“On the other hand, I think we’re working harder than ever to try to keep our heads down. Of course, it’s always nice to see each other P1. But that doesn’t mean anything, and I think everyone Everyone is aware of this in the team.

“So we don’t focus on performance at all. We’re just focusing on ourselves, again, trying to try as many things as possible to try and figure out the ways of this car. And then to Bahrain to try to push the car a bit more there.”

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