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Royal Caribbean Group Chairman and CEO Richard Fain highlighted the work the company has done since the pandemic. According to him, by November 2021, the group’s subsidiaries will have transported more than a million cruise passengers since the restart.

“We wanted to show in a tangible way how safe and healthy cruising is. We are doing it today – not by theory, not by prediction, but by actual operations… We have carried over half a million guests and only have 41 cases among those 500,000 people, ”said Fain in his last video address.

“We have always said that there would be cases on board ships, just as there are cases on land. But thanks to our protocols, there have been no major epidemics, and the few cases that we have seen have been managed quickly and efficiently, ”he added.

According to Fain, two-thirds of Royal Caribbean’s capacity is already operational.

“We all see, and will continue to see, a great record over this time. Reservations for 2022 show that there is pent-up demand… So our focus is on 2022, not on the remaining months of 2021. Obviously, we don’t like to give up any period, but we are more determined to do well in 2022 and 2023, even if that means accepting short-term blows this year, ”he said.

Fain said the key to Royal Caribbean’s success in 2022 will be a period of strong waves.

“To have a good wave, we have to show that we are going in the wave with a solid and stable operation. This means that by December we want stability, none of the endless confusion and changes that we have experienced that are so frustrating, ”he noted.

Fain said that by the end of 2021, Royal Caribbean wants almost all of its ships to operate and “operate transparently” in their main markets.

“We are stepping up marketing to prepare for the wave period… We are excited about the way forward and confident that the darker days are behind it, as we aim for a strong wave and a strong 2022,” he said. he concluded.


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