Fatal crash: high-speed car loses control, blows up young men


In the Punjab, a fast-moving car struck 2 people standing on a bulkhead to cross the road so dangerous that the two fell 25 feet away. After which the high-speed car struck the post of the streetlamp and fell about 10 feet across the road while bouncing in the air. The tragic accident was captured on CCTV. Four people died instantly while another was seriously injured in the crash. Two passers-by and 2 occupants are also said to be among those killed in a traffic accident on the Kharad-Ludhiana highway.

The accident, which was filmed on CCTV Sunday at 2:30 p.m., is shocking. A fast-moving car was driving to Ludhiana from Kharad. The driver suddenly lost control of the car as the car approached the university. The car broke the post of the lamppost in the middle of the freeway and climbed onto the partition wall. He rolled over about 12 times and fell. The car also collided with the pedestrian bridge. Surinder Singh Chhinda and Jamil Khan, residents of Ghaduo village standing in the middle of the bulkhead to cross the highway, spotted the uncontrollable car.

Seeing death approaching them, the two had pulled out of the road as well, but the car passed them. Both were killed instantly. Of the 4 people who died in the accident, 2 were in the car. CCTV shows a young man standing on the side of the road with a bicycle where the accident took place, breaking the car’s partition wall and detonating two youths and debris fell on the biker. He fell to the ground with the bicycle. Then immediately got off the bike and fled the place. However, during this time, people also rushed to rescue those injured in the crash. The motorcyclist’s gesture clearly shows that he was hit hard by the accident.

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