Flood crisis forces Woolworths to ship supplies to WA


Ongoing supply shortages in Western Australia have led Woolworths to use ships to make deliveries to the state.

It is the first time in decades that the major retailer has used this method to deliver goods.

The supply chain has been disrupted for weeks after massive flooding in Nullarbor, South Australia damaged a 300 kilometer stretch of railway used to transport goods to WA.

Shipments to WA include pallets of cereal, pantry essentials, canned goods, towels and toilet paper, beverages, and laundry and cleaning supplies.

Camera iconShelves empty or in stock due to panic buying and supply chain issues at Woolworths in Westfield Whitford City. Credit: western australia/western australia
gen empty shelves - woolworths clarkson
Camera iconEmpty shelves at Woolworths in Clarkson. Credit: WA/facebook incident alerts/provided

Pallets delivered from NSW to WA usually take around five days to arrive by rail, but this transit time will double by sea.

“We are not the only users of this rail line, there will be quite a few vendors using it, food will be given priority, but we will be in the queue like everyone else,” the porter said. word of Woolworths, Karl Weber.

“We have 107 stores in Western Australia, so depending on sales it will be shared with all stores, so when stock comes in, depending on how the store is trading, we will send that stock to them.”

Massive flooding in South Africa has created supply shortages in the northern parts of the state and Northern Territory as well as Western Australia.


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