Followed by a hot afternoon before a hard-hitting system



A fantastic day is shaping up this afternoon. Lots of sunshine and a breeze coming up from the south with high temperatures ranging in the low to mid 60’s! Winds will blow from the south at up to 25 mph, and as dry as it is, open burning is not recommended today.


These winds will stay with us overnight and we will add a few more clouds. The lows will only drop to around 50.


Rain returns Wednesday afternoon after a warm start. Anticyclones will manage to reach the upper 50s despite heavy cloud cover. These warm temperatures will begin to cool Wednesday afternoon, eventually hitting freezing point around midnight. This rain will change to freezing rain and ice pellets early Thursday morning before becoming completely snowy after sunrise. This system could cause an inch of rain and 2-4 inches of winter mix, but those numbers could change by then. Be sure to follow the forecast heading into Thursday. Whatever the exact numbers, the roads will be in poor condition throughout the day. We’ll be righting the ship in the weekend, warming up into the 40s on Friday and Saturday. Highs will approach 60 by Sunday and Monday.


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