General hospital recap: Shawn released from Pentonville

In the park, Liz attends Violet’s little league game with Finn. The two adults continue to talk about their problem Peter. They know there is no way to get Peter out of the hospital without being spotted by the cameras which are operational again. Finn suggests putting it in a body bag and dumping it in a landfill. While they are chatting, they are often interrupted by Violet who comes to Finn for advice during breaks.

Finn worries that someone has seen him with Peter, and Anna might find out. He fears that if it all comes out, it will devastate Violet. They discuss how Hayden has been gone for so long, and Liz swears that if that happens, she and the boys will take care of Violet. Finn points out that this is if she is not also involved. She just hopes they’re in the clear. Liz promises, whatever happens, they’re in the same boat.

Liz hopes they are in the clear GH

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At Ryan’s Bar in New York, as Valentin pins the pilot at the bar, Anna asks where he’s taken Peter. The pilot confesses that he never got it back, so Anna asks what happened to him. The pilot says he couldn’t get clearance to land, and Peter wasn’t alone on the roof like he was supposed to be. Anna asks the pilot to describe the other person with him. The pilot did not see well but said it was a man in a bluish gray suit, he almost looked like a detective. He is not sure how old he is, but he says the man had black hair all the way to the collar.

Valentin deals with the GJ news

The cops arrive to arrest the pilot, who screams that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Anna informs him that he helped a murderer. The cops drag him away and Valentine wonders if Peter has another ally they know nothing about. Anna asks what makes him say he’s an ally. Valentin believes the man has not yet come forward and could have helped with the escape. Anna feels they are still missing something.

Anna digests new GH information

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At the PCPD, Laura questions Jordan about Shawn and Alexis. Jordan says they are in the interrogation room phoning their loved ones. Laura says they will have to cut it short.

Laura and Jordan talk about GH business

In the interrogation room, Alexis and Shawn are talking to Molly and TJ, who are at Metro Court. They promise to give them updates on their situation. Sadly, they both fear being sent back to Pentonville. After the call, Shawn and Alexis discuss the fact that the case against the judge has been leaked to the media. Shawn warns it could take years to resolve.

Alexis and Shawns Case on GH

Laura and Jordan walk in and Alexis assumes it’s bad news. Laura says the attorney general is making the judge’s investigation a top priority thanks to the media leak. Jordan leaves to take a call and Laura admits the press has become a concern. She warns them that when politicians are involved it is a waiting game that can take months or years. Jordan returns and tells Alexis that she will not be free, but that she will not return to Pentonville. Instead, she is sent to Springridge. Alexis knows the place and Shawn says the inmates call it “a spa with guards”. Laura must then apologize when the governor calls. Alexis is still worried about Shawn and the others who have been wrongfully convicted.

Shawn and Alexis in PCPD gh

At Metro Court, Molly and TJ are sent champagne to their table by Nikolas. They invite her over and Molly and TJ tell her what’s going on with their parents and Judge Carson’s cases. Nikolas asks if Alexis could be free. Molly says her mother’s sentence was fair, but her mother had a hard time and was sent into isolation for three days by the warden who takes care of her for her. TJ reveals that Alexis fought to free his father, bringing down the system for him. Nervous, Nickolas asks if Shawn could be released. They tell him Diane is considering reopening the case, but it might take some time. Suddenly, Molly receives a text from Alexis with her good news.

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Nikolas meets TJ and Molly GH

Back at the station, Laura says the governor wants to make Shawn’s case a priority, and his sentence has been commuted to time served and Shawn is a free man. Alexis gives her a huge hug. Shawn is relieved and Laura says the governor will be looking into the other cases as well. Shawn wants to call TJ, but Jordan has a better idea.

Shawn and Alexis discuss their situation

Back at Metro Court, Nikolas wants to celebrate the good news of Alexis. Molly wishes they had better news on Shawn. Nikolas has a few calls to make and decides to leave. Before he leaves, Jordan and Shawn enter, and Shawn reveals that he is a free man. TJ and his father kiss. They ask him what he plans to do first. Shawn wants to pay off his debt to Hayden and find out who tried to kill her. Nikolas remains worried.

Nikolas hopes for news from Alexis

In the PCPD’s interrogation room, Alexis once again thanks Laura for intervening in Shawn’s case. She doesn’t know how to thank her and all the others, including Nikolas who defended her. Laura is happy to see her son act like the good man she always knew he was meant to be.

At the Metro Court pool, Cam and Joss relax and hold hands. Suddenly, Spencer appears and asks the locals what’s going on. They are stunned and Joss notes that it has been ages since he honored them with his presence. He jokes that it took them forever to finally find each other. Cam asks how long he’s been back and Spencer tells them for good. Cam says Grandma gave him updates on Spencer’s schooling and adventures in France. Spencer brags about his adventures, and Joss realizes that Spencer hasn’t changed his attitude at all and she pushes him into the pool to cool him off.

The reunion of Spencer and Cam GH

Trina arrives and asks who this Spencer they are talking about is. They explain that he is an old friend and point to him. Trina is stunned when Joss introduces her to Spencer Cassadine. Joss tells Spencer not to think about Trina because she has a mysterious man. Trina says she recently realized that Victor is a real jerk.

Trina angry with Spencer GH

Spencer suggests that Trina tell her about Ava’s gallery and they retreat. Trina demands to know why he pretended to be someone else. Spencer didn’t want to cheat on her and explains that Victor was her great-uncle and everything is very complicated. Spencer confides that he didn’t want his father to know he was back in town again and tells him their story, including Nikolas faking his death and marriage to Ava. He only returned when he heard that his father was leaving Ava. He says he and his father are working to mend their relationship. She gets her anger towards her father given her own history with hers, but she doesn’t know what to believe about him anymore. He admits he doesn’t work at the Savoy, but he didn’t lie about his mother. He wants her to keep this secret. Joss and Cam approach and Joss wants to know what’s going on and why they are so deeply in conversation. Trina covers that they were discussing art as Spencer is interested in her work at the gallery. Joss and Cam both have obligations, but welcome Spencer again. They leave and Spencer thanks Trina for keeping her secret. She warns him that if he lies to her again, she will tell Cam and Joss everything.

Cam and Joss confront Spencer

Later General hospital: Britt is delighted to see a familiar face, Ava asks Trina about her mysterious man and Stella warns Shawn to stay away!

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