Gmail adds package tracking to show status updates in your inbox


The holiday season is right around the corner, it’s the time when people order gifts for their loved ones or grab a bargain for themselves. And Google wants to make it easier for you by adding package tracking updates to your Gmail inbox.

Gmail to show package tracking updates in your inbox

Gmail’s package tracking feature will pull tracking numbers from your emails. It will use the data to automatically find order statuses. When it detects that a status has been updated by the shipping service, Gmail then places a status under the mail in your inbox. This will help you know what the current status is. Here are some examples of status messages you may see in Gmail: Label Created, Arrived Tomorrow, Delivered.

Users will be able to see more details about the status of a parcel by opening the corresponding courier, where you will find a summary card with tracking information. It’s much faster than having to visit the website where you ordered the product, go to the orders page, get the tracking number and paste the details on the company’s website. transportation. Imagine doing this several times a day, until you receive the package at your doorstep. It can be a bit boring.

It’s not a particularly new feature per se, the Google Now (Assistant) app being used to display similar shipping status information in a separate card. Still, the new feature could be a good addition for users as it helps you stay up to date with shipping status with minimal effort.


Gmail package tracking will not be enabled by default, i.e. it will be an opt-in feature. The app will notify you when the feature is available for your account, you can also disable it from settings. This can be useful if you ever decide to disable the feature.

But is it a privacy nightmare? It depends. If you’re worried about your privacy, you shouldn’t be using Google in the first place. On the other hand, if you use Gmail as your primary email service, it probably already contains your name, phone number, and other information. Think about it, if you use your Gmail account to shop online on Amazon, eBay, etc., it knows where you’re shopping from, what you bought, your address, and probably your credit card statements too. credit. If Google’s systems can read your emails for advertising purposes, I don’t think there’s anything new to learn about you by tracking a mailing. The only difference is that by signing up, you are actually consenting to let Gmail scour your emails for the tracking number.

Although the screenshots show the functionality used in the Gmail mobile app, I think we can expect package tracking in the web version as well.

Gmail package tracking is not yet available. It will be rolled out to users in the coming months. According to the announcement on Google’s blog, the feature will be available in the United States and will support major shipping carriers. This probably means it won’t work with companies like Amazon, which use their own shipping service.

Will you be using Gmail package tracking?


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