GPs are struggling too and the Tory regime is to blame – Letters from the Yorkshire Post


It’s not just the patients who struggle; GPs are too (The Yorkshire Post, May 25). Most would also like to have in-person appointments, but there are too few general practitioners.

There has been a shift towards consulting in a secure manner by Covid, that is, using technology in the same way many of us hold business meetings. Not perfect for everyone, but better than having a lot of sick GPs and even longer waits.

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There is also a return to more face-to-face sessions, but remember that even now only half the population has been vaccinated yet – and some persist in skipping the injections despite the overwhelming benefits of the drug. vaccination.

Why are there too few general practitioners? Blame 11 years of Conservative rule.

1. NHS funding has not kept pace with an aging population and as we age we need more care.

2. Brexit took away many European staff and an unpleasant Home Office failed to attract replacements from elsewhere; and little wonder, given better working conditions in places like New Zealand.

3. GPs have often volunteered to help other medical specialties at the onset of the Covid crisis last spring, and since December they have been on the front lines implementing a very successful NHS vaccination program.

If the Tories had followed the advice of Project Cygnus, or if the Prime Minister had attended Cobra meetings last February, or locked airports a year before, we would not have seen two exhausting peaks or 130,000 deaths.

4. Public health, especially nutrition and healthy exercise-based lifestyles, remain chronically underfunded; costs more in the end due to weight gain, cardiac overload, joint problems, diabetes etc. It shouldn’t be necessary to see a doctor to be encouraged to exercise more, eat less junk food, and quit smoking, but this is often the first port of call.

5. It was not GPs who squandered millions of taxpayer dollars on unnecessary PPE contracts from vendors with ties to government officials; Nor is it the GPs who spent £ 37bn on a Test & Trace program that brought very little benefit.

6. Forty new hospitals have been promised by the Tories, raising expectations for better healthcare – but these hospitals (if they have ever been built) will sit empty if there is no GP to determine who should be there. to go, no hospital doctor to treat them, and no nurses (or other support specialists) to staff these services.

So rather than beating the dwindling ranks of tired but steadfast NHS GPs and nurses, how about directing our anger at the root cause of the problem instead?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

I USED to agree with the government that people had enough common sense to judge for themselves how to protect themselves from the Covid virus. Looking at the recent increase of the Indian variant in parts of the country and the senseless behavior of many, I now think the time has come to introduce mandatory vaccination to protect us all from the effects of this persistent deadly virus.


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