gps: civic organization will use GPS to monitor excavator use | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) will for the first time rent excavators equipped with GPS devices. The civic body leases such machines every year for various uses, including monsoon-related work.
The decision to install GPS devices on the rented machines was made to provide transparency and cross-check the work carried out by the excavator. The VMC pays contractors for these excavators at the hourly rate of machine use.
Apart from reading GPS devices, an assistant engineer will also detail the work and certify the working hours of the machine used. If there is a difference between the two assessments, VMC will pay the lower amount.
However, there appear to be few operators willing to resume work under the new system. In three attempts to identify an agency that could supply the machines, only one contractor came forward. The contractor had quoted fares much higher than the VMC estimates.
After negotiations, the two parties agreed on a rate of Rs 550 per hour against Rs 700 per hour sought by the contractor. The hourly rate of Rs 550 is also 12.47% higher than the estimates prepared by VMC. The contract was approved by the company’s standing committee.

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