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Coimbatore: The municipality will install GPS trackers in vehicles used for garbage collection and transportation, to prevent their misuse.
The move comes after officials discovered on Monday that a contracted driver had misused a company-owned compactor vehicle with the connivance of health officials. “The vehicle was used to clean up trash outside the city limits for commercial establishments. The driver pocketed the money received from these illegal acts. It’s been going on for a few years now. The driver had earned between 7 lakh and 8 lakh in the last year alone,” a company official said.
The detection led to the contract driver being fired and a show cause notice being sent to the Health Supervisor of Wards 90 and 91.
The company’s deputy commissioner, M Sharmila, told TOI that all trucks and rollers used by the company will be equipped with GPS devices to prevent such misuse in the future. The distance traveled by vehicles according to GPS equipment and the distance declared by drivers would frequently be cross-checked.
The company currently has 11 compactors and a process has been initiated to purchase five more compactors. It has 55 trucks for garbage collection.
The company had already installed GPS devices in most of the 240 light commercial vehicles used for door-to-door garbage collection. Last year, using data from GPS devices, the company discovered that many LCVs were being misused by drivers.
The company is in the process of purchasing an additional 105 light commercial vehicles to improve door-to-door garbage collection. These vehicles will also be equipped with GPS devices.

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