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Manama, Bahrain: The Gulf Property Show will host a visionary panel discussion on the future of real estate in Bahrain on March 23 at 11:00 a.m. at the Bahrain Exhibition and Conference Center.

The leaders’ panel will include a panel discussion under the banner title “Bahrain’s Real Estate Landscape – Visions of the Future”. The roundtable will focus on future developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the eyes of some of its leaders in the real estate sector.

Panelists leading the discussion are Amin Al Arrayed, CEO of Edamah, Majid Al Khan, CEO of Bahrain Harbour; Gulf Finance House Properties and Arif Hejres, President of the Bahrain Property Developers Association.

“The roundtable will provide an important insider’s perspective of three leaders who will be instrumental in transforming Bahrain’s real estate landscape. says Jubran Abdulrahman, Managing Director of Hilal Conferences and Exhibitions (HCE).

“The speech of the round table will seek to be objective and real. The panel will be challenged to present their vision in the areas of what is achievable and deliverable. The discussion will seek to include a 360 degree view of the issues that will need to be considered as part of the vision. This can be changing market trends, the effects of current issues with price inflation, and the need to align with the Sustainable Development Goals. adds Ahmed Suleiman, events director.

The roundtable will be broadcast live via zoom and YouTube and will be open to visitors to the Gulf Property Show.

The roundtable was organized by HCE in collaboration with EMIC, the training provider for the event.

The Gulf Property Show is supported by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) of Bahrain, the Survey & Land Bureau (SLRB) and the Bahrain Property Developers Association (Bapda).


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