GPS locators for your motorcycle: always under control


First of all, the main thing you need to know is that for these devices you need to use a SIM card. Yes, one exactly the same as a mobile. The reason? You are not going to have a mobile connected via Bluetooth from your house to the motorcycle, because then it would be unfeasible. Therefore, the cover that pagers emit comes from 3G and 4G from telephone companies, i.e. via a SIM card.

There are options like Apple Air Tag, a new solution, but let’s say unique. To do this, he uses the geolocation of the various iPhones that pass in front of him. But it is an isolated system and far from being 100% infallible compared to a SIM card.

Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a SIM card, whose budget is generally between 5 and 10 euros depending on the model. This way, it will broadcast continuous coverage and allow you to geotag your tracker anytime, anywhere.

There are hundreds of options, any company will do. Since Simyo, via MasMóvil or Lowi, Pepehone…Anyone go! You shouldn’t worry too much about data consumption. It will be enough with 100 or 200 MB per year. No data rate is required for this. With 5 euros per year it will be more than enough to maintain the line.

Features Motorcycle Locators Should Have

Choosing a good locator for your motorcycle shouldn’t be a matter you should leave to fate. You already know that when talking about technology, certain aspects such as autonomy, rate of action, type of GPS locator cannot be neglected…

For this reason, we offer you a series of questions that you must take into account. Let’s go with them! :

  • Is it connected to the battery or is it autonomous? Some require a little more involved installation, having to splice the battery cables together to work. In this way they will work connected and without the need for a battery. Others, unlike, work thanks to the autonomy and the battery. Fixed installations are generally a little more bulky, but safer in the long run.
  • The main thing about these devices is the drums that they rise (in case they are not connected to the current). The idea is not to charge it continuously, so it is understood that it should be enough to last at least a few months. The acceptable minimum in this case would be 1 or 2 months. The most professional models that cost around 200 euros have a battery capable of lasting up to 4 months even. So, having this reference, you will know what suits you best!
  • don’t miss it sim card problem. You should opt for a rechargeable one. Although a year is enough, you need a yes or a yes to maintain 3G or 4G coverage permanently. Any small card with a balance of 5 euros will suffice to be able to track it.
  • The application that you use to geolocate your motorcycle is important. Keep in mind that thanks to him you will know where he is at all times. Your user experience will depend on its reliability and interface. For this, we recommend that you read previous reviews or search for videos on how this application works.
  • He is raincoat? Keep in mind that in most cases it will be covered by a component of the motorcycle itself, or in others when magnetized it will be out in the open, but well hidden. Either way, it can get wet, wash the bike, or do any other action, so it’s handy that it has some kind of resistance. In this case, having an IP56 will be more than enough, for water, mud, dust and high temperatures (motor heat also has an indirect influence).
  • Their how to go hidden on the motorcycle is vital. It will depend on whether the friends from abroad will eventually find it or not. Although they sometimes wear Inhibitors and can disable it, it’s best to keep it even safer, hiding it somewhere remote. For example, in the tool drawer that every motorcycle usually carries, or under the saddle.

Given these main issues, we must now address the table of models with which we can do.

Locators for motorcycles that can be connected to the vehicle battery

If you do not want to be aware of a battery and autonomy, it is better to opt for a model directly connected to the same battery as the motorcycle. Its installation is not complicated at all, but it will require some knowledge. We leave that to you! We show you the best models for sale for this task:

win: easy

One of the simplest in terms of operation and connection is this Winnes. For a very economical price, you get a very compact sized locator that It is connected to the battery of your motorcycle. It stands out for its ability to receive instructions from the motorcycle in real time, as well as the position information via SMS and Google Maps.

It has its own application and a history of up to 90 days. you will be able to see where the bike has been at that time through GPS data. It is very easy to install and commission. It is distinguished by a good quality price: only 30 euros via Amazon!

Sinotrack: battery-connected locators

Another connected model from Amazon’s bestsellers. It is used in all types of vehicles, and how could it be otherwise, also on motorcycles. For this, you will need a SIM card that provides you with 4G. Equipped with dual antenna and integrated LTE, GSM and GPS coverage. You will even receive a notification when it detects the ignition of the motorcycle; It even has engine cut-off functions!


Although what interests us most in this respect is the mini gps tracker through the mobile app. It has SMS alerts, speed, zones, low battery, in case of shock, driving history… It must be connected to the power supply, otherwise it will only have an autonomy of one hour.

With the subscription to the application, you will be able to have the history of where your motorcycle has been in 2 consecutive years. The price of this Sinotrack is about 45 euros via Amazon.

PAJ GPS: the best locators

We are facing one of the best and most professional GPS models connected to your motorcycle battery. For this, also use a SIM card and uses 4G technology for the fastest and most efficient tracking. In case it is not connected, it will have an autonomy of 1 day. Even so, it is very easy to install, it’s worth it!


It provides comprehensive protection, sending alarms for speeding, battery disconnect, vibration and anti-theft option. You will be able to locate your motorcycle at any time and have a history of 100 days of information. You can also set up alarms or functions like subscriptions from the app itself. The most basic is 4 euros per month! We leave you its link to Amazon, where you will find more information, as well as its price of 99.99 euros:

Independent motorcycle locators, without connection

Second, a series of models that will allow you to enjoy autonomy in the broadest sense of the word. you should only recharge them every few months and leave them safely stored on your motorcycle.

Winning GPS: excellent

Simple yet effective, this Winnes GPS is the “Amazon’s Choice” when it comes to GPS locators. It has real and precise positioning, as well as real-time tracking of the direction of the motorcycle. For this, you can use the application compatible with Android, iOS or even on the desktop of your computer. He has a position GPS, LBS with an error of only 5 meters.

Winnes GPS

It is even possible, via the application, to limit travel in a constituency or radius of action. It has IP68 waterproofing and a 5000 mAh battery capable of providing up to 90 days of autonomy. The price of it on Amazon is set at just under 60 euros.

Tkmars: the smallest locator

Looking for something undetectable? In this case, we have found the ideal candidate. This locator TKMARS it is very, very small. So much so that it fits in the palm of your hand. East the mini tracker uses GPS and LBS to play the courses. It is only anchored by a magnet to an iron on your motorcycle and has such interesting options as an alarm for speeding or movement.


It weighs only 58 grams, it is a real virguería. Its size is mini, but also its battery. Its 1500 mAh will be worth supporting up to 3-15 days depending on usage. It has IP65 resistance, with a default of only 5 meters. You will have a monitor and an anti-theft alert for only 58 euros on Amazon.

Invoxia: very similar to a powerbank

We raise the level with it Invoxia, specially designed for motorcycles. It will allow you to store it comfortably anywhere on the motorcycle as it takes up almost no space. It can be confused with a power bank, because it is the smallest and it has the same shape. He has a very long autonomy up to 6 months so you never get hung up. It has a small subscription with no additional cost or SIM card to always locate it.


Follow every 5/10 minutes each way, set alert zones and you will also receive notifications depending on how you set it up. Its price on Amazon is around 100 euros.

Tracking: small and useful

We are facing a high-end locator. East Followed It’s the most professional thing you can do to ensure your motorcycle is always located and in a safe place. Its installation is quick, with a SIM card and without the need for a subscription. It also includes anti-theft function. It simply installs with adhesive tape in any corner.

GPS Tracking

Its battery is recharged every 4 months, with free assistance and a mini locator that It will allow you to track the location at any time, with a very functional and simple application. In addition, it has IP56 resistance to water, mud, dust and high temperatures, while being small and light. All for 199 euros!

The best locator for Topes da Gama

Finally, can you imagine which of the locators we’ve seen we consider to be the most premium? In our opinion, one of the best quality and price is that of Invoxia. Its size is not too big, and being magnetized, you can put it comfortably on any surface. In addition, its price accompanies its excellent characteristics.


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