GPS Trackit launches a trailer management solution


ATLANTA – GPS Trackit, a provider of video, fleet and asset tracking systems, has announced the launch of the GL500MG, a universal trailer management solution.

Cargo theft and the trailers that transport it have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to cargo recovery service CargoNet. Equipment theft is also a serious problem – up to $ 1 billion in construction and farm equipment is stolen each year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. According to the International Risk Management Institute, only 10 to 15% of stolen equipment is recovered.

GPS Trackit’s GL500MG protects unpowered assets including construction equipment, freight trailers, flatbed trailers, freight containers, generators, tool storage boxes, and recreational equipment.

The device’s powerful features, its 5-year on-board battery, and durable housing help construction companies, carriers and trucking companies locate and control their trailers around the clock.

“Our new asset tracking tool is a universal device that helps businesses protect the valuable assets that help their business grow,” said Ed Montes, CEO of GPS Trackit. “As a leader in the IoT and fleet management industries, we want to provide the most cost effective solutions to our customers. “

The GL500MG helps businesses recover stolen trailers quickly, by increasing the data ping rate when the trailer moves unexpectedly.

“We designed the GL500MG to help businesses quickly recover stolen or lost equipment to reduce losses,” said Michael Gill, CTO of GPS Trackit.

The GL500MG is available now. Learn more about protecting trailers and business assets, here.


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