Harmful! This famous actress died in a car accident

Famous Marathi film actress Ishwari Deshpande died in a car accident. According to reports, the actress’ car was sufficient for an accident at Baga-Kalangut in Goa. His friend Shubham Degde, who was in the car, also died in the crash. According to reports, the two died from drowning in deep water. Police seized the two bodies on Monday from inside a car submerged in deep water in the Arpora region of north Goa.

When the same 25-year-old actress and her friend Shubham died, police in Goa said the car they were traveling in was traveling at high speed and fell into the water uncontrollably. However, it is not yet clear who was driving the car. Both could not get out of the car because the central lock was closed. The same police officers received the bracelets in the hands of both. Police said they went to a club the day before the crash. Shubham Degde was originally from the Kirkatwadi region in Pune while Ishwari Deshpande also lived in Pune.

Family members of the two arrived in Goa from Pune as soon as the same accident was reported. According to media reports, actresses Ishwari Deshpande and Shubham Degde had been in a relationship for a few years. It is said that they have both known each other for a long time. The relationship, which began with friendship, turned into love. The two should have gotten engaged next month, but their lives ended like this even before their new life began.

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