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Every day a new public argument unfolds on the front page of the newspaper about which group in society – teachers, students, workers, firefighters – not only should get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, but should get vaccinated. These are important and fascinating discussions, the outcome of which will greatly affect public health.

Our position is that everyone who can get vaccinated should get vaccinated. But, leaving that briefly aside, it must be said that there are at least plausible reasons for hesitation about the good health of a very, very small number of individuals, among some of these societal groups.

There are probably health professionals for whom this is legitimately the case too. But for the vast majority of unvaccinated people working in health facilities, it makes little sense not to get vaccinated.

Vaccines are safe. They reduce the risk of infection. They reduce the risk of serious illness. They reduce the risk of death. It is a matter of safety for them and the patients with whom they come into contact that they take by far the best precaution, one which is now readily available.

And yet, as editor-in-chief Terri Sforza so succinctly reported this week: “They work in hospitals. They have easy access to the jabs. They know the risks. Yet after a frantic deployment and urgent appeals from officials on their knees almost bent, nearly a quarter of California hospital workers have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. “

It is unacceptable to the health of the rest of us. And it’s not just happening here but all over this country at a time when we are free to travel again. This is the kind of wayward behavior that will lead to more economic crises and social distancing blocks.

“We have fought this virus and we are winning with the vaccine,” Randy Bury, general manager of a Midwestern nonprofit elderly care chain, told the New York Times after showing that his patients in nursing homes. retirees were re-infected with COVID-19 from unvaccinated staff members. So Bury made the law. Its channel has become one of the largest in the country ordering compulsory vaccines for all its staff.

Unless we follow this lead, we urge healthcare workers without valid medical issues to reconsider their reluctance and do what is best for their health and the health of those they work with.


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